Mayors of the Borough of Reigate

Mayors of the Borough of Reigate
and its successor,
the Borough of Reigate and Banstead
(1974 to 2013)

This web page lists all the Mayors there have been and gives as much information as is known about them.

Redhill is a part of the Borough and therefore its Mayors have always been Mayors of Redhill too, even though the town's name has never featured in the Borough's title. The Borough of Reigate was reformed from the old Manor of Reigate in 1863 and there have been 80 Mayors since then. Although Mayors now serve only one year at a time many of those of the past served terms of varying length. A number of Mayors served for three separate 2-year terms and some served for 4 consecutive years. Alderman Barnes served 5 consecutive years 1897-1902 and returned for another year later. From time to time there were those who disagreed with the multiple-year terms. A councillor said, when opposing the first of Alderman Barnes four re-elections, "If it were the absolute rule for a member of the corporation to be Mayor for two years, and the office went round, any gentleman who might be elected to the council at the present time would be a very old man before he became Mayor of the Borough." The last person to hold office for than a single consecutive term left office in 1970, since when a Mayor has held office for one year at a time, although it is still possible to hold office more than once. For many years the Mayoralty was male dominated and it was not until 1949 when a lady became Mayor for the first time.

Although the list below is complete as far as names are concerned much biographical and pictorial information is still to be added, and some of the information included is scant and some of the pictures low quality. The list of Mayors follows. - AJM

Photographs come by courtesy of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, Surrey History Centre, the Surrey Mirror. and from my own collection.

.... 1st Mayor - Thomas Dann, December 1863 - November 1864

Reigate Quaker and local lime and coal merchant who had the first coal wharf at Redhill Station, Dann was one of the prime movers of a campaign to change the old Manor of Reigate, with its rapidly growing new town of Redhill, into a unified scheme of local government suited to the times. His outspoken ways aroused hard feelings, as did his social standing in a class-conscious era.

The following information kindly provided by Sean Hawkins.
Thomas Dann, the son of Richard Dann (1770-1810) and Rebecca Theobald (1766-1847), was born at Reigate on 4th March, 1804 and died there on 7th May 1882, and was interred in the burial ground attached to the Friends' Meeting House.  He married Charlotte Graveley (1822-1907) at Brighton in 1866, but without issue. 
. . . Richard Dann had a grocery business in the town which was continued after his death by his wife Rebecca, and then by his son.  Although the Dann family had been strong and faithful members of the Society of Friends (the Quakers) at Reigate since the 1680's, both Richard and his son were to be censured by the Meeting at various times.  Richard was "disowned" for marrying an outsider, Rebecca, not a Quaker - though she later joined, and Thomas, who improvidently sold the family grocery business and invested his capital unwisely, suffered a severe reprimand when he became insolvent in 1840.  He imprudently invested money in a saltworks in Cheshire, and a Cornish smelting company, and both failed.  By the end of 1840, or early 1841, he was able to pay a dividend to his debtors and start afresh.  His later activity as a coal and lime merchant seems to have been successful, and his widow, Charlotte, continued to run the business for some years after after his death, eventually selling out to Hall & Co.   They had an office and site close to the station yard, and their home was just a short distance away at "Springfield Cottage": this detached house still stands in London Road, immediately to the north of Watson-Towers offices.
. . . Thomas Dann was one of a number of Quaker signatories who signed the petition for the Incorporation of the Borough; these included Francis May (of Bryant & May matches), Charles Marriage, Thomas Nickalls, and James and his son William Hack Deane.  He was elected as a Councillor in the new Borough, along with fellow Quaker, Charles Charman Elgar.  His election as first Mayor was a near run thing, and his time in office was dogged with difficulty - one wonders if his insolvency twenty three years earlier remained as something of a stigma.(Sean Hawkins)

Comprehensive cover of Dann's four-year fight for incorporation, plus his term in office, is dealt with in 'A History of Redhill' vol. 1.

.... 2nd Mayor - James Searle, 1864 - 1866

James Searle lived at 'Eastnor', Ringley, Reigate and then at 'Eversfield' , Ringley Oak, Reigate.

Additional information supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins - He was the Returning Officer at the 1865 election of MP for the Borough of Reigate (in the days when Reigate had its own MP) when three candidates, all Liberals, Mr Leveson Gower, the Hon. Edmund Monson and Mr George Richardson contested the seat on 12th July that year. He was the first witness called at the subsequent enquiry held by the Bribery Commission at the Old Town Hall, Reigate, which commenced on 22nd August, 1866 to enquire into malpractices immediately preceeding the election and which were to eventually lead to the withdrawal of Reigate's right to elect its own MP. James Searle died on 1st December 1874, aged 59, closely followed by his wife, Jesse Searle, on 28th September, 1875. (A picture of their son, also James Searle, appears in 'People of 1887' on this website).

Mayor Searle in 1887
Additional information on James Searle received from Trevor Hobden - Eve's 1860 survey (a detailed mapping of the Borough of Reigate showing fields, houses, common land etc. as numbered plots accompanied by an index that listed ownership of each) has James Searle occupying a house and garden owned by Rev. Thomas Rees a few houses down from the junction of Upper West Street and West Street (don't know its name, the survey doesn't list it).  He built Eversfield on Reigate Road next door to Fonthill (both in field 881) adjacent to the Doods Footpath. Ringley Oak, according to Eve, is on the opposite side of the Reigate Road (field 1254).  The Town Council apparently bought a part of Ringley Oak from the Waterlows and had it fenced off in 1866.  purpose unknown.   It was James Searle's purchase of the Eversfield land from AJ Waterlow that instigated the Doods Footpath case of the 1880s.  In marking out his new plot for the build of Eversfield, James Searle erected a fence along the line of the footpath.  It was this fence that was spotted and brought to the attention of the town council.  AJW was forced to buy back the portion of disputed land (and the fence) from Searle and then decided to take issue with the council.  The Doods Footpath case was flawed in that the judgement brought by arbitration was unenforceable - the fault of the Town Council legal representatives for allowing the jury to be discharged without delivering a verdict.  AJW could not be tried again (double jeopardy?) and was neither obliged to do the work, nor pay the Town Council's costs in bringing the case. Nevertheless, AJW still agreed to carry out the work but refused to pay all the Council costs. He paid just £200 out of a total of £448.  The council appeared to be embarrassed by its gaffe but the Surrey Mirror had no problem in giving AJW, and to a lesser degree the council, a very rough ride over the affair and the disputed sum.  James Searle, in an open letter to the council published in the Surrey Mirror listed his address as Eastnor Lodge.  This house was in Wray Park Road near its junction with Alma Road.  In the letter he offered to buy off the council action against AJW, divert the footpath between Fonthill and Eversfield (down Ringley Park Road) then widen and make a path alongside Eversfield on the Reigate Road.  His offer was flatly rejected.
.... 3rd Mayor - Charles Joseph Smith, 1866 -1870

The son of the Rev. C.T.Smith he was born in Crawley. He was admitted as a solicitor in 1847 and set up practice in Reigate. He became agent for several Liberal MPs. As Mayor he presented a loyal address to the Prince of Wales who came with Princess Alexandria to lay the memorial stone to an addition to the Earlswood Asylum. Perhaps he felt that his dignity in front of royalty should have been graced by more appropriate dress, for on the agenda at the meeting at which he made his report of the ceremony to Council was a proposal that 'a golden chain be provided for the Mayor as his insignia of office at a cost not to exceed 150 guineas'. This was passed and the chain was provided by Redhill jeweller Henry Fowle, who claimed in later years that he provided it at cost. It was first worn at the meeting of October 1869 and subsequently at Buckingham Palace that same year when with other dignitaries he presented an address to King Leopold of the Belgiums, and later at the Lord Mayor of London's banquet. In 1870 he wore it when presenting a casket to King Leopold in Brussels. It is the same chain that has been worn by successive Mayors and is still worn today.

Additional information supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins - A solicitor with offices in Reigate High Street, Mr Smith acted as agent for various candidates in parliamentary elections of 1857, 1858, 1863 and 1865. Following the last election he and his fellow agents, and others acting for candidates in the elections, were found guilty, after lengthy enquiry by a Parliamentary Commission, of wide-scale bribery. Over 500 voters were found to have received bribes. Reigate was disenfranchised as a result, losing its right to elect a Member of Parliament, the seat being absorbed into one representing a larger area of Surrey.
Charles Joseph Smith died on 20th August 1885, aged 61. His wife, Frances Caroline, who died in October 1888, is buried in the same plot in Reigate Cemetery, beside his father, the Rev. Charles Thomas Smith, who died 10th March 1869, aged 85, and his mother, Sarah, who died in 1857 aged 73.

Additional information supplied by Mr Arthur Hawkes - Arthur was contacted from the USA by a Professor Clive Gay of Washington State University who was in possession of a silver jug that was presented to Mr C.J.Smith by a grateful candidate in 1863. It stands 12" tall and weighs about 24ozs. He acquired it from his mother who possibly got it at an auction when living at Merstham and Coulsdon between 1949 and 1952. He supplied a picture of the jug, reproduced here, and later sent the jug itself. It is now kept at the Town Hall, Reigate.

.... 4th Mayor - Walter Blanford Waterlow JP, 1870 - 1872

Walter Blanford Waterlow was born 17th April 1819, the third of five sons of James Waterlow, who brought them up to become founders of a world famous printing business, and one of three who made their homes at Reigate. Walter Waterlow bought High Trees farm and built the mansion that is now Dunottar School. He has many mentions in Borough affairs both in and out of Mayoral office. He married Rebecca Stones on 27th September 1842. She died 14th February 1869 aged 46. Her tomb stands in Reigate churchyard and originally had lights burning on it that, it is said, could be seen from High Trees. They had no issue. He had a rapid rise and an equally rapid decline in public affairs, and eventually was to die of his own hand on 28th August 1891.
(A brief obituary of Walter Blanford Waterlow plus reports on the inquest and funeral appear on P5 of the 5 Sept 1891 issue of the Surrey Mirror)
......His name is given to Waterlow and Blanford Roads and Crakell Road (pronounced Craykell) is also derived from a Waterlow family name. His brother, Alfred James Waterlow (1815 - 1886) was another great local landowner and lived at Great Doods. He is also buried in Reigate Cemetery.
......Walter was remarried to his younger brother's widow, Maria Waterlow (nee Corss) in 1874.  Maria had married Albert Crakell Waterlow in 1846 (Times supplement July 25th 1846) and was mother, to amongst others, Sir Ernest Waterlow, the watercolour artist, and Alice Makowski mother of Albert Makowski.  Albert Crakell Waterlow (the Crakell name being the Waterlow's mother's maiden name) & family lived at Fairlawn in St Johns, where the Makowskis later lived, renting the house from Maurice Marcus, the new owner of High Trees after WBW's estate was sold on.  Albert Waterlow had died in 1856 at the age of just 31.  After WBW's death, Maria lived in a newly built house, Fair View (still standing) in Beech Road until her death in 1916 aged 92.  Her gravestone can be found in the churchyard at St John's where she is buried with her mother.  A fourth Waterlow brother, Charles, also lived in Reigate for a while - at Rookwood on the Great Doods estate.  Another brother, Sir Sydney Hedley Waterlow 1st Bt., was Mayor of London.  (The above includes information supplied by Sean Hawkins and Trevor Hobden) 
.... 5th Mayor - Frederick John Besley, 1872 - 1875

Gave an address to Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, youngest of the eight sons of Queen Victoria, when that royal gentleman was on his way to lay a memorial stone to yet another extension of the Earlswood Asylum. Later moved away from Reigate and was living in Kenley in 1882
.... 6th Mayor - William Carruthers, 1875 - 1877

The Councillor who received the most votes of any at the very first elections of 1863 and who was therefore the first to sign his name in the Declaration Book. A builder and contractor of West Street, Reigate, he has left a legacy in some of the churches and other local public buildings, including St Matthew's Church, Redhill.

Additional information supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins - He was also questioned at the Bribery Commission of 1866 (see information on Mayor James Searle) and informed it that he employed 100-200 men, was currently building a church at Hackney and working on other buildings in various parts of the country. The minutes of the Commission give the impression that he was deeply implicated in the corrupt practices of the Monson cause in three elections held in 1859, 1861 and 1865. After the 1865 election he sacked several workmen for voting for Gower, the candidate in opposition to Monson. He died 18th April 1893, aged 82. His wife was Anne Elizabeth and she died 5th August 1892. Carruthers, amongst other things, operated the Colley Hill complex of heartstone mines, which fits in with his being a building stone contractor. His name is on the foundation stone of St Mark's Church, Reigate.

.... 7th Mayor - Edward Lambert, 1877 - 1879

The son of a miller who managed the Blackborough Mill, his social standing was not good enough for those
who felt that the post should only be filled by a gentleman of leisure. He won the vote for office by 13 votes to 11, beating Robert Field who immediately resigned as an Alderman but later reconsidered and went on to surprisingly vote Mayor Lambert to a second term. Nevertheless it was said that the office of Mayor was 'somewhat tardily and grudgingly' conferred upon Councillor Lambert. He was chairman of the committee concerned with the Council's first major undertaking, the provision of main drainage. (Alan Moore)

Additional information supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins - He became the owner of Blackborough Mill, operated as a corn dealer and baker, and in 1888 his baker's shop was at 37 Hight Street, Redhill. He was also sworn and examined as a witness by the Bribery Commission in 1866; he canvassed on behalf of leveson Gower and was subject to questioning by the commission on the grounds that he had put pressure on a man named Stevens, who owed him £6 or £7, to vote for Gower - which he denied. He lived at Buckland House, Station Road, Redhill, and died 7th January 1891. His wife predeceased him on 9th September 1883 aged 54.

.... 8th Mayor - George Edwin Pym, 1879 - 1881

Born at Colley Manor Farm in 1829 he was the son of Jesse Pym who was visited at Reigate by William Cobbett on his 'Rural Rides'. Jesse Pym had come to Reigate from Suffolk in 1815. He worked Colley Manor Farm, Reigate Priory Farm and Doods Farm. When the SE Railway Co. built the Reading Line it bisected Doods farm. Mr A.J.Waterlow took over the southern part and Jesse and his son continued to farm the northern part, Jesse buying the freehold in 1863. Georg Edwin Pym subsequently developed the farm as a housing estate but continued to live at 'Doods', the original house.

George Edwin's son, David, was a tea broker and was well known in Calcutta from 1891-1912. David returned to Reigate and took up residence in Doods in 1915, married Victoria Benton in 1930 and died in 1949 aged 85.

Additional information supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins - George Edwin Pym was born 12th April 1829. At one time he lived at Little Doods Farm, Doods Road, Reigate. He died 23rd December 190%. In 1910 his widow, Elizabeth, whose maiden name was Moore, was living at 'The Firle' The Way, Reigate. She died 21st December 1911, aged 80.

.... 9th Mayor - Robert Field, 1881 - 1884

Robert Field was born in Brighton in 1815 and was married to Emma Parkin (1811-1886) at St Peter's Church, Walworth in 1837.  He was by trade a hat manufacturer, and he lived with his family in Brixton until, in the early 1860's, they moved to "Brooklands", Oxford Road, Redhill, at which address he remained until his death, aged 86, in 1902.  He is buried in Reigate Cemetery. For quite a number of years he conducted his business as hat and cap maker from premises in Blackfriars Road, Southwark. Two of his sons, Joseph Louis & George Horace Field, continued the family tradition as hatters. He was secretary of St Anne's Schools for many years. When it became clear that a new school was needed he was one of three local men (the others were William Waterlow and Francis Costar) who campaigned to raise funds for the existing school at Streatham to move to a new school 'in the salubrious air of Redhill'. He turned the 'first sod' of the land that was procured at Redhill and performed his mayoral duties when the Prince of Wales came to lay the foundation stone. He was also a director of the Redhill Gas Company and a founder member of the Reigate Harmonic Society.  His eldest daughter, Emma Laura Dawson, lived for many years in a large house called "Elmshade", in Church Street, on the corner of Castlefield Road, which was later pulled down and the Redland building erected on the site, and which in turn has been demolished and replaced by the E-sure premises. (The above information kindly supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins)
.... 10th Mayor - Frederick Budgen, 1884 - 1886

A brother of John Budgen who set up the well-known chain of shops iin southern England, including one on the corner of Church St. and Tunnel Rd., Reigate (see also note below).He became a councillor in 1876
and an Alderman in 1885. He held many local posts and was the last Mayor to have the honour of receiving at a Mayoral dinner the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs of the City of London. He became Mayor for a second time in 1892. At the end of January, 1914, Mr F.Budgen was made a Freeman of the Borough upon his retirement from the Council. This was something made possible by the Freedom of the Borough Act of 1885 and was the first time anyone in Reigate Borough had been so honoured. In spite of his long service of thirty-seven years in all there were two other men who were still council members who had been so when Mr Budgen first took his seat in the council chambers. These were Dr Walters and Samuel Barrow. He died at his Reigate home 2nd April 1917 aged 82.He lived at 'Highfield', Gatton Road, Reigate. His wife, Mary Louisa, died 23th July 1895 aged 54. Both are buried in Reigate churchyard. (Includes information kindly supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins)

Photo shows Mayor Budgen while in office wearing the mayoral chains during his first term of office 1884-86 (photo courtesy Sean Hawkins)

Originally the above entry for stated that Frederick Budgen was the youngest son of John Budgen. A visitor to this website kindly corrected my error, saying that Frederick Budgen was one of John Budgen's brothers, and that the confusion had probably arisen as John Budgen's father was also called John, and he too had a store, in London. The informant continued: - 'The chain of shops, founded by my great grand-father, was begun in Maidenhead in 1872 by John Budgen . . . . the John Budgen who founded the chain had only daughters, and so the name Budgen was not further linked with the company. The company was sold by my family some 80 years ago.'
Grateful thanks for the information.

Photo shows Mr F.Budgen in 1913. Frederick Budgen was made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough on 26th January 1914

.... 11th Mayor, Henry Summers, 1886 - 1888

A Draper of Station Road, Redhill.

.. 12th Mayor, John Seex, 1888 - 1890 ...... Information from Mr Sean Hawkins

John Seex 
1844–1913 b. Kennington in the first quarter of 1844, d.Woburn, Bucks, 23rd February, 1913, aged 69. Son of John Gates Seex, upholsterer, who was b. Mddx. 1819c. d. Reigate, 26th September, 1881 and Cecilia Binns, b. Stepney 1823, m. St. Dunstans Stepney 1843, d. Bermondsey, 1848 (father Nimrod Binns, cabinet maker).  John Gates Seex married again in 1852, Sarah Bargman at Billericay in Essex. 

..... John Seex married Maria Bertha Anna in 1869c.  She was born in Stettin, 3rd December 1844, and died at Ventnor, Isle of Wight, 6th July, 1891, and bore him four boys.  He married again in 1893, Emma Jane Claridge, but this marriage was without issue.
..... Until at least the census of 1881 John Seex was running a business as a “master upholsterer” and living at 132 Grange Road, Bermondsey.  In 1871 he employed 5 men and 1 boy, and in 1881 8 men and I boy.  His father, John Gates Seex, was living in London Road, Reigate, at the time of the 1881 census, and he describes himself as “cabinet maker and upholsterer”, also employing, 8 men and 1 boy.  It seems certain that these are details of the same business, for after John Gates Seex died at Reigate a year later, on 26th September, his will refers to him as being of 132 Grange Road, Bermondsey, and London Road, Reigate.  The 1882 edition of Kelly’s Directory of Surrey contains this entry: “John G. Seex & Son, London Road, Reigate, and at Grange Road. London SE – undertaker, cabinet maker, upholsterer and estate agent”. By the 1891 census John Seex and his wife Maria were living in Reigate, at the London Road address, along with children: John Gustav, 20, a bank clerk; Albert J., 18, “Bank”; Henry M., 17, auctioneer’s clerk; Ernest F., 15, scholar.  The Allingham’s Reigate & Redhill Directory of 1886 indicates that the Seex’s Reigate business stood at the southern corner of the junction of Somers Road and London Road, part of a row of shops demolished in the late 1970’s, or early 1980’s, the new building was then occupied by the Surrey Mirror.  In the early years of the twentieth century these premises were occupied by The Reigate Garage, before they moved to Bell Street in about 1910.
..... John Seex was a member of the Town Council, the County Council, was a Borough Magistrate and also Mayor of Reigate from 1888-1890.  In 1902 he attempted to sue the Town Clerk, Clair Grece, for libel.  The case was heard at Redhill County Court, where Seex told the court that in 1901 “he became aware that owing to his giving too much attention to town and county business, his own business upon which he relied for his name, was sliding”.  He filed his own petition for bankruptcy in June 1901, but at a meeting of creditors his offer to settle was accepted and so consequently was not declared bankrupt.  On July 19th the plaintiff received, as a member of the council, an agenda with the intimation of a resolution to be brought forward by the Mayor, “that the office of councilor lately holden by John Seex, Esq., J.P., who has become disqualified and has ceased to hold the said office through his having been declared bankrupt, be declared vacant”.  Seex claimed that Grece, who had prepared the agenda, had acted out of malice.  Judgement, however, was found for the defendant with costs.
..... Seex also sued Henry Libby, the publisher of the “Surrey Leader”, for libel.  Although successful in this instance he received just one farthing in damages but not costs.
..... The 1911 census reveals him living at “Rustica”, Northern Woods, High Wycombe, in just three rooms.  Neither he or his second wife, who died in 1943, left a will.  John Seex died in 1913 and was buried with his first wife in Reigate Cemetery.
(Profile of John Seex kindly supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins)

... 13th Mayor, Samuel Brooks, 1890 - 1892

Born in 1838 Mr Brooks spent 7 years abroad before coming to Park Road, Redhill in 1882. He was widowed in 1876 and his three children were all musically talented. As well as being a Reigate councillor he was 19 years a Surrey County Councillor, retiring after ill health in 1911. The date of his death is unknown but it was before his youngest son, Lieutenant S.Brooks of the Royal Navy, was killed in WW1 July 1918.

Additional information supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins - Samuel Brooks died 12th October 1915 aged 77. His second wife, Eliza Jane, died 26th October 1927, aged 78.

.... 14th Mayor, Frederick Budgen, 1892 - 1893 (2nd term)
.... 15th Mayor, William Brown, 1893 - 1895.

William Brown, a native of the Borough of Reigate, was born in 1838. He married Miss Rebecca Cooke, daughter of Mr Joliffe Cooke of Meadvale and they had four sons and three daughters. He was the son and namesake of William Brown 1805-1861, probably taking over the running of the firm of W.Brown, brickmakers, from his father and continuing in business at Meadvale and Cockshot Hill. They lived at Mackrells, off Union Road (which became Pendleton Road).
.....He was first elected to the Council 1879 and promoted to the Aldermanic bench in 1893, the same year that the Mayoralty was conferred upon him. He retired from the Council in 1902 when Mr Viall was elected as Alderman in his place. The reason for this deposition was William Brown's uncompromising attitude regarding the erection of the Municipal buildings, about which he is quoted as saying that they 'should be built east of Reffells Bridge or nowhere'. (the story of the Municipal Buildings is told in 'A History of Redhill volume 2'). He was often pressed to re-stand for Council but steadfastly refused.
.....He also served on the Reigate Board of Guardians for many years, becoming its Chairman in 1903. He resigned in 1905, however, giving his reason as the delivery of goods by his son to the extension of the workhouse, and therefore wanting to avoid a conflict of interest. He was also one of the original governors of the Victoria Almshouses. In addition to these duties he was also a member of the Technical Instruction Committee for many years, a member of the Commons Conservators (more information about this on page 131 of 'A History of Redhill Vol. 1) a Governor of the Grammar School and closely associated with the Reigate Congregational Church almost all his life. He became a JP in 1906, having been Chief Magistrate during his Mayoralty. He died in 1908 aged 60. (Photo of Mayor Brown kindly provided bySean Hawkins)
.... 16th Mayor, Henry Ongley, 1895 - 1897

A vendor of poultry game and fish by trade, he was Mayor during Queen Victoria's jubilee. He had a shop in Bell Street, Reigate, next property south from Knights. Lived at 56 Deerings Road, Reigate.
(Shop location and addresss supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins)

The picture far right was the only one on this site before Mr Tony Abrahams sent me this additional marvellous picture of Mayor Ongley from a family album belonging to his mother, whose maiden name was Brenda Peat. Her grandfather was James Peat, a Reigate business man, resident of Bell Street and a neighbour of Mr Ongley's premises there, so he would have known him well.

My thanks to Mr Abrahams and his mother. AJM 13.12.01

Henry Ongley was made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough on 29th May 1922

.... 17th Mayor, Francis Edward Barnes, 1897 - 1902 (1st term)

Son of the first importer of Danish bacon to this country he inherited the business and lived in style at Reigate Heath and had been a Councillor only six years when he became Mayor. One of his first tasks as Chairman of the Watch Committee in July 1897 was to be present and to report upon the trial of a steam fire engine at Market Field, Redhill, an appliance deemed not necessary considering the imminent provision of piped water in Redhill. He presented the mace that is still in use today to the Corporation in November 190% just after being elected for a fourth consecutive year. He was Mayor during the South African war and raised funds for comforts for the fighting men. He was also Mayor during the years of the controversial siting of the Municipal Buildings and revealed some controversial anti-Redhill feelings of his own (details in
'A History of Redhill' vol. 2 when published in 2002/3)

The photo shows theMayor and Mrs Barnes

Additional information supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins - Francis Edward Barnes lived at Normanton, Reigate Heath. He died 29th February 1920. His wife, Elizabeth Ellen, died 29th July 1905. On their tombstone in Reigate Cemetery she is described as a former Mayoress of Reigate, which surely repflects her husband's pride in having received such a high public distinction that it should be reflected in the inscription on her memorial.

.... 18th Mayor, William Conolly, 1902 - 1904

Campaigned to erect a working Man's Club and Baths in Redhill and achieved this aim through the generosity of Jeremiah Colman in the shape of the Colman Institute in London Road
, although without the baths. 'The History of St John's School' (to be published September 2006) contains more details of the opening of the Colman Institute.

Additional information supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins - Mayor Conolly lived at 'Buckhurst', Linkfield Lane, Redhill. He was born 27th May 1839 and died 6th September 1914.

.... 19th Mayor, William Hannam Bagaley, 1904 - 1906

Born at London on March 15th 1856, William Bagaley came to Reigate with his parents in about 1864 and received his early education at St John's School. He followed his father into the building trade and had a successful business based in Hardwick Road, Meadvale. He was elected a Borough Councillor in 1897. With Mr Ongley he was made an Alderman the following year after it had become known that his sympathies for the new Municipal Buildings were in favour of the Reigate site. This caused two Alderman who favoured the new Municipal Buildings being at Redhill to lose their seats and a narrow majority was gained for the site at Reigate. He became Mayor in 1905. He resigned his seat as Alderman in February 1910. On the Board of Commons Conservators for many years he was made a JP in 1908.
He died at the end of October 1934. Lived at 'The Larches', Furzefield Road, Reigate. (Address kindly supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins)
.... 20th Mayor, Thomas Malcomson, 1906 - 1910 (1st of 3 terms)

Came to Reigate in 1895 and was elected to Council in 1902. Became an Alderman in 1907. (See also his second term in 1918 and third term 1926-28 for additional picture). He was made a freeman of the Borough in 1929.
Lived at 'Powerscourt', Cavendish Road, Redhill.
He died in April 1937. Holds the record for the most terms (7 years) served as Mayor. (Address kindly supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins)

Email from Kathy Lowe, June 2013: In looking at the 1891, 1901 and 1911 English censuses, it would appear that Thomas Malcomson, the printer and publisher who became mayor of Reigate, identified himself as being Irish on those three censuses.  On the 1911 census, he reported his place of birth as Belfast.  His mother was still alive at age 92 and living with his family on the 1911 census and her place of birth was identified as County Down in Ireland. These censuses do indicate that Thomas and his family had lived in Scotland for a time before they moved to Reigate, as Thomas’s two oldest sons were recorded as having been born in Scotland around 1888-1890.  The family was living at 38 Avondale Square in Camberwell by the 1891 census.  

.... 21st Mayor, Thomas Gregory, 1908 - 1910

Born in 1841 he was a councillor for 10 years and died in 1915.
Lived at 'Eldersley Tower', Linkfield Lane, Redhill.
(Address kindly supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins) Francis Edward Barnes was made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough on 30th December 1918

In the picture on the right Mayor Gregory, wearing his chains of office, walks behind the mace bearer in a procession to St Mary's Church, Reigate, in 1909

In the picture below, taken on the steps of the Municipal Buildings in February, 1910, one serving and three ex-Mayors can be seen. Far left is Alderman Malcomson. Next to him are the serving Mayoress and Mayor, Mrs and Alderman Gregory, with Alderman Budgen standing behind them. Between the lady and gentleman on the front right can be seen Alderman Ongley. The picture was taken on the occasion of the donation of a large part of Colley Hill to the Council by Mrs Emma Simpson, 2nd from right front row.

.... 22nd Mayor, Francis Edward Barnes, 1910 - 1911 (2nd term)
.... 23rd Mayor, Frank Edward Lemon, 1911-1913

Alderman Frank F. Lemon succeeded Alderman FE Barnes as Mayor in 1911, serving for 2 years. During his mayoralty the Jubilee of the Incorporation of the Borough was celebrated, and the dedication of 60 acres of Colley Hill to the public was marked by the 1913 Pilgrims Pageant. Born at Blackheath, Kent, in 1858, the son of Mr W.G. Lemon JP, a well known London barrister practising at the Chancery Bar, and serving on the LCC, Alderman Lemon was educated at St Paul's School and Trinity College Cambridge where he took Law and Arts degrees in 1883 and 84. He was called to the bar in 1883 at Lincoln's Inn. Joining the Volunteer Force in 1879 he obtained a commission as Captain in the Cambridge University Rifle Volunteers in 1882. He passed from this regiment into the Inns of Court Rifle Volunteers. Serving for 22 years he was he was awarded the long service medal in 1889, and was later a Captain in the National Reserve. As a freemason he was one of the earliest to be given London rank, and in 1934 was invested as Senior Grand Warden of Grand Lodge. For a long period he was the Hon. Sec. of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Also associated in this work was his wife, Mrs Lemon, JP, a fellow member of the Reigate bench. He was the oldest (in the continuous sense) season ticket holder between Redhill and London and still travelled there three times a week up to a few weeks before his death. He was Chairman of the Conservators of Redhill Common from 1907-35 and responsible for the 1935 conversion of the old railway sighting pillar on Redhill Common to a memorial to the 25th jubilee of King George V
.he was also a governor of the Redhill Colman Institute. Elected to Council 1905, he became and Alderman in 1918, having served on the Reigate County bench since 1914. He was a County Councillor from 1912. He lived at Hillcrest, Whitepost Hill, Redhill, and died on Easter Monday 1935 aged 76.

Mayor Lemon and members
of the Council on the steps of
the Municipal Buildings in 1913

Tim Lemon of Osaka, Japan, kindly supplied the following information:
Lemon Frank Edward, LL.B., Trin.Coll Camb., 1884; BA, 1883; matric.London Univ. 1879; was born in 1859, the second son of William George Lemon of Blackheath, Kent and Lincoln's Inn, Bar-at-Law. He was a student of Lincoln's Inn as from 11th November, 1881 (then aged 22) and was called to the Bar on 25th June 1884. An undated news paper cutting with photo reveals that, 'The pageant [maybe Reigate Pilgrim's Pageant 1913] had at least one distinguished visitor in Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India, who handed the deed of management to the Mayor of Reigate Mr.Frank Lemon.' He lived at 27 Whitepost Hill in Redhill, adjacent to the Common, with his wife (Margar)Etta and his sisters Annie and Esther. His brother, Arthur Lemon, lived in a house called Hillbrow in Reigate after he returned to the UK from Malaya. Presumably he went to live there as his brother Frank and sisters lived locally.
(References: - p.275, Fosters. Men-at the Bar - p.401 Vol II Lincoln's Inn Admission Register 1420-1893 - p.421 The Black Books of Lincoln's Inn - interview with M.H.Lemon July 1997)

About Mrs Lemon:
Margaretta Louisa Smith, MBE (1920), MBOU, F.Z.S, F.R.G.S, F.R.S.A, JP (1921), was born 22 Nov 1860, daughter of Capt. Elisha William (or William Elisha) Smith, Royal Sherwood Foresters of Moolpa, Australia and Blackheath, Kent, and was educated at Belstead near Ipswich. She was Hon. Sec. Watcher's Committee, Royal Society of the Protection of Birds; 1892~1939; Hon. Sec. East Surrey Branch RSPCA, Member of Reigate Board of Guardians; School Manager...1917~1919 officer in charge of Redhill War Hospital. Constitution of Society of Protection of Birds adopted1892. Mrs. Frank E. Lemon appointed Hon. Secretary. Though replaced by her husband in 1904 effectively continued to help him in that capacity until his death in 1935. Subsequently remained Hon. Sec of the Watcher s Committee. She died on 8th July 1953, aged 92. (References: - Handbook to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire 1921 - undated and unreferenced notes made by G.R.Lemon - History of the RSPB on webpage Jan 1999}

The jubilee of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds ocurred in 1939. One of its founders and most enthusiastic workers was Mrs Lemon, then known as 'The Mother of Birds', who initiated the idea from which small beginnings a great organisation was to grow. She was a well known public figute in 1939. During WW1 she was Commondant of the local Red Cross department, officer in charge of a war hospital, a foot clinic and a field hospital. She was also a manager of four local schools which had been started during her husband's chairmanship of the borough education committee. She was also one of the first women justices in the borough, sitting on the bench of which her husband was a member.

It had been at the age of 18 when she was inspired to devote thought and energy to the better treatment of birds. With others she discussed the slaughter of birds for their decorative plumage. Birds with such ornamental feathers were often killed when they had young, so their yound starved to death. Mrs Lemon would go to church and take note of all those women wearing plumed hats and after write tio them explaining the cruel methods by which their plumes were obtained.

So began a life's work and the creation of the RSPB of which she was elected Hon. Sec. in 1892, a post she held until her husband was elected to it in 1904 when she continued to help him in the role. In 1938 she visited all the bird watching stations north of the Tweed, getting to klnow the people there in the process.

Another project Mrs Lemon was closely connected with - one of many - was in December 1939 the making of wollen items of clothing for the men of HMS Caledonian. On the anniversary in 1916 when the ship was put into commission there was an oppportunity at Jones and Sons shop in Redhill High Street to view such items as balaclava helmets, nuniers, mittens and wrislets. The was a demand for such items as wel as sea boot stockings and Mrs Lemon made it known that she was willing to receive donations towards the knitting of these things for the men who so bravely went to sea with such dauntless courage.

A part of Reigate Hill was given to the Borough of Reigate in 1913. Here Mayor Lemon (centre back) receives the trust deeds. Those pictures are from l-r
BACK ROW - Sir Robert Hunter, Lord Curzon, Mayor Lemon, Sir William Vincent, Mr J. St.Leo St Rachey. FRONT ROW - Miss Hull, Cllr E.S.Gedge, Cllr Mark Dean, Cllr W.Figg.
.... 24th Mayor, George Alfred Reynolds Ince, 1913 -1916

Mr Ince came to the Borough in July 1882 from a small town in Worcester to work with Clair Grece, in whose office he stayed for fifteen asnd a half years. He remembered Dr Grece as one of the most generous minded men he had ever met. The Irish question was high in the news at a time when Dr Grece spoke against the Irish in a meeting in a Church Street office and Mr Ince, still then a young man, nervously spoke up for the first time in defence of the Irish. Thinking he had gone too far in seeming to oppose his employer he was surprised but pleased when when Dr Grece afterwards congratulated him on saying what he thought.
........A councillor from 1905 Mr Ince was at the forefront of many of the campaigns to initiate relief for the relatives of men fighting at the WW1 front he also made an appeal for people to spend less and not hoard gold, this latter sounding strange to our ears today. To assist in the former he announced that shops would close at 7pm three days a week, an earlier closing time than usual. He also appealed for employers to keep open the jobs of those gone to active service. A phrase he used in one fund-raising speech was that 'Britain will never call upon its sons in vain', a speech followed by a motion to start a committee to appeal for funds to alleviate distress in the Borough, a motion seconded by Alderman Barnes who, as previously mentioned, had done similar work during the South African wars at the turn of the century. At this time (190%) solicitor Mr Ince had represented the Feathers Hotel, Merstham, and the Reigate Providential and Industrial Co-operative Society in opposing the granting of a licence to the Griffin public house at Merstham. Lived at 61 Deerings Road, Reigate. (Address kindly supplied by Mr Sean Hawkins)
.... 25th Mayor, Thomas Malcomson, 1916 - 1919 (2nd term)

The picture shows the Mayor with the Borough's special police in 1918

.... 26th Mayor, Herbert Crosfield, 1919 - 1921
Alderman Crosfield JP, for 63 years an underwriter at Lloyds, lived at Woodcote, Wray Park Road, Reigate and married in September 1921 during his term as Mayor. A Quaker and keen temperance advocate he first took seat on the Borough Council in 1901 and became an Alderman in 1921. He was a half brother to James Backhouse Crosfield who donated Reigate Baths. He died on July 12th, 1938, aged 81, while on holiday at Falmouth. The first of the pictures dates from 1913, the second was taken later in life.

Herbert Crosfield was made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough on 26th February 1937

.... 27th Mayor, William Legg, 1921 -1923

William Legg was the first Labour Mayor of the Borough.
He was born in Horley, the son of a builder from Linkfield Street, Redhill. He first became a Councillor in January 1915 and was elected Alderman in November 1923. He was for over 40 years a member of the Management Committee of the Reigate Co-operative Society, and was more than once its Chairman. He became a member of the Prince of Wales Lodge of the Oddfellows in 1891 and held every post in his own Lodge, and was Secretary of it for many years. his activities in this field spread to the Mitcham district, of which he was successively Deputy Grand Master and Grand Master. He died at his home at 6,Knighton Road, Redhill, aged 51, in the summer of 1924.

William was the eldest of ten children, 5 boys and 5 girls, his father was a local brick layer, and several of his male siblings emigrated to Canada.He married Ada Coomber on the 25th of February 1897; she died in 1946 in Croydon near her daughter’s family. William and Ada had two children; Ada and Arthur William.

'Photo and additional information (in blue above) courtesy Janet Legg, William's great grand-daughter, who is descended from William's son Arthur.]

.... 28th Mayor, Charles Ernest Woodroffe, 1923 - 1926

Charles Ernest Woodroffe was born at Dalston in 1874 and came to Reigate in 1893 to take a position with Mellersh and Neale. He was elected councillor in 1907 and alderman in 1923. In his first year as Mayor he presented an address to the Prince of Wales when His Royal Highness opened the new chapel and victory memorial school at the police orphanage. He retired from the Council in 1926 and died at Ramsgate aged 76 in 1946

This picture was taken outside the Market Hall on the occassion of the visit of Princess Helena Victoria, President of the YMCA, to Redhill in November, 1926. The Mayor is on the right; the Princess on the left.

.... 29th Mayor, Thomas Malcomson, 1926 - 1928 (3rd term)

Sir Jeremiah and Lady Colman with Mayor Malcomson during his 3rd term. The ceremony in progress may well have been the making of Sir Jeremiah Colman an Honorary Freeman of the Borough on 29th October 1928.

Thomas Malcomson was made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough on 1st July 1929

.... 30th Mayor, Temple Newell, 1928 - 31.
he picture top right was taken in July 1930 at the Surrey British Legion rally at Shaws Corner. Alderman Temple Newell is on the left. Centre is the Duke of Connaught. One of the other three gentlemen is Lord Ashcombe.

Additional information from Sean Hawkins - Temple Newell died 26th February 1945; his wife, Hilda, died 30th January 1949.

In the bottom right picture Mayor Temple Newell prepares to send down the first ball on the opening of Redhill Bowling Club's new Green in 1931

.... 31st Mayor, Alderman Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Jefferies Spranger, 1931- 35

A Barrister-at-law, Mr F.J.Spranger stood as a Liberal candidate in the Southampton election of 1922 and was subsequently invited to stand as the Conservative candidate for the same constituency. Served in the Great War and rose to Lt-Col. Had the military and the civil OBE conferred upon him in recognition of services to his country. Presented a Mayoral robe to the Corporation in 1935.

Francis Jefferies Spranger was made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough on 25th February 1936

.... 32nd Mayor, Dudley Lewis, 1935 - 1937

Served on the Western Front during WW1 and married Florence Pitt-Fox during this time. On 14th December 1936 read the proclamation of King George Vl ascension to the throne. In December 1936, after the abdication of Edward VIII,
he proclaimed the new King George at Redhill and Reigate - possibly the only Mayor to read the proclamation of two kings. Picture taken 1936 while in office
.... 33rd Mayor, Harold James Hamblen, 1937 - 1941
Left - Mr H.J.Hamblen in 1936

Right - Mr Hamblen stands at the centre of the staff line at the opening of the British Restaurant in the old Co-op premises in Cromwell Road in 1941

.... 34th Mayor, Francis Jefferies Spranger, 1941 - 1942 (2nd term)

Col Spranger had already served 4 consecutive years as mayor from 1931-35 but this 1941-42 term was affected by feeling that the eastern end of the Borough was getting 'a raw deal'. This was due to the suspension of elections during the war and the internal selection of replacements for Council vacancies that resulted in 17 of the 28 Council places going to Reigate people. The result was the election of an 'easterner' as Mayor in November 1942. Col. Spranger was elected the eleventh Freeman of the Borough.
.... 35th Mayor, Arthur Windsor Spice, 1942 -1946

Alderman Windsor Spice was elected as a member of Uckfield Urban District Council in 1912 and saw service in the Royal Navy Air Service and later the Royal Air Force as a Pilot Officer during WW1. He came to Reigate soon after the Armistice to occupy Reigate Lodge as Sub-area Stores and Accounts Officer in the Works Department of the Air Ministry, from which he retired in 1927. He was elected a member of Reigate Council in North Central ward in January 1936 and as an Alderman in October 1942, becoming Mayor that November. He became a member of Surrey County Council in 1944. A Redhill photographer with premises near the Railway Station. Alderman Windsor Spice was elected as the twelfth Freeman of the Borough on 3rd March 1947.
Mayor Windsor Spice at dinner with the Duchess of Kent during her visit to local St John's ambulance units on the 10th July 1943.
The Mayor and Mayoress of Reigate Alderman and Mrs Windsor-Spice
Additional information supplied by Sean Hawkins
Arthur Windsor Spice 1884-1969 was born in Dorset but lived for most of his early life in St Leonards, near Hastings.The 1901 census reveals that his father was a cab proprietor and swimming instructor, and Arthur is already described as a photographer.  He married Rose Jane Cruttenden in Hastings in 1909 and they afterwards settled in Uckfield where Arthur established a photographer’s studio and shop in the High Street.  He also acquired a taste for local affairs becoming a member of Uckfield Council.  By the late 1920’s he had moved to Redhill and set up his business at 1 Station Road, Redhill, and by the early 1940’s he had premises at 8, The Broadway, Reigate, a shopping parade in London Road, where Watson Tower the actuaries now are. 
Mayor Windsor-Spice's proposal for Caberfeigh.

The Mayor's term during the years of WW2 put in his mind the idea for a permanent memorial to those fallen of the Borough. His idea was for a Victory or Memorial Hall or an Assembly Rooms to be built on the site of Caberfeigh, a property the council owned in Hatchlands Road close to Shaws Corner. This was at a time when the Abercrombie report had been published outlining the development of satellite towns in the area. Reigate and Redhill had been marked as an area which would not be allowed to grow under the scheme and the Mayor envisaged these new towns having good community facilities that Redhill and Reigate lacked, so his idea would fulfil this purpose as well as that of a permanent memorial. In the sketch of the proposed layout the existing memorial then still standing at Shaws Corner is shown at its centre, but it was stressed that its removal to the new site was simply a suggestion. As we now know the no aspect of idea ever came to fruition. Caberfeigh continued to be used as council offices and the site was gradually redeveloped with housing.

Right - The house 'Caberfeigh' before it was demolished

.... 36th Mayor, Walter Leonard Lorkin J.P., A.M.I.E.E., 1946 - 1949

Alderman Lorkin's time on the Council included not only his Mayoralty but also sixteen years as Chairman of the Electricity Committee. First elected to the Council in 1930 he was elevated to the Aldermanic bench in 1940.

The two pictures of Mayor Lorkin are accompanied below by a picture of him and Mrs Lorkin at the Merstham Peace Commemoration Committee's dinner for the older people of Merstham at Merstham Village Hall
The Mayor and Mayoress of Reigate Alderman and Mrs W.L.Lorkin
.... 37th Mayor, Marjorie Constance Donkin, 1949 - 1951
Marjorie Donkin became a Councillor in 1925 and was the first Woman Mayor, being installed on May 23rd 1949. She had been Chair of the Housing Committe for seven years and also chair of the Commons Conservators for some yeas, being chairman when the Council took over its functions in 1945. Born at Shortlands, Kent, she came to Reigate with her parents in 1894. During WW1 she had been in the Land Army and had attended a course at an agricultural college. Her hobbies included music and gardening. An accomplished violinist she was the founder of the Reigate Chamber Music Club and a founder member of the Reigate and Redhill Music Festival. In her own speech, and another by Mr West on the occasion of her relinquishing the post in favour of Alderman Salisbury, there was the humorous mention of 'a dangerous experiment', a reference to the election of a woman to the Mayoralty. Laughter was heard in the council chamber at this but it is not inconceivable that there were those in the patriarchal and male dominated Council who might have felt that way at the time of her election, and perhaps in 1925 too, for there could not have been that many women councillors then, and certainly very few before her.
        She had become interested in local government in the 1920s. In 1925, at the instigation of Mrs Powell, the Borough's first woman Alderman, she contested a by-election in the old North-west ward, caused by the resignation of Mr J.R.Handscomb, only a couple of weeks after the normal November elections. She defeated her opponent, Miss E.E.M.Allen, by 326 votes. This was to be her only election contest as at subsequent elections she was returned unopposed.   She served on a number of committees and was Chair of Housing for some time, when it is said that her best work was done during a period when the housing situation was difficult. She was also Chair of the Commons Conservators up to the time when the commons passed into the care of the Council. During WW2 she was Chair of the Reigate (Evacuation) Hostels Committee and was a member of the Biletting Appeals Tribunal. Outside her Council work she was interested in the welfare of the residents of St Anne's and was the founder there of the Brabazon Employment Society.  

Mayor Donkin is pictured top left in 1936 and above right during her mayoralty

   She was raised to the Aldermanic bench in February 1940, becoming only the second woman Alderman, Mrs Powell having been the first in 1935. The Honorary Freedom of the Borough of Reigate was conferred upon Miss Donkin at a ceremony at the Town Hall on Saturday 11th July 1964

The programme for the Presentation of the freedom of the borough to Alderman Donkin
Mayor Donkin pictured during a road race for the National Playing Fields Appeal in April 1950.
From l-r are: Mrs Lillian Pile, Hon. Sec. of the Redhill and Reigate Athletic Club, Alderman Mrs Marjorie C. Donkin JP., Cllr E.A.C.Pearce, Chairman RRAC and Ernest H. Warren, captain RRAC.
It was at the last Council meeting of 1949 when the meeting was opened with prayers. This innovation was at the suggestion of the Reigate Clergy Chapter. Mayor Donkin's Chaplain, Canon W.P.Godwin, officiated and the procedure has been followed ever since.
.... 38th Mayor, Arthur Henry Cornish Salisbury, 1951 - 1952

A native of Somerset, Arthur Salisbury moved to London and then, in 1912, to Redhill . A one time Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce he later became a founder member, President and Secretary of the Rotary Club. He became a councillor through being a wartime co-opted member and at the time of his mayoralty was the sole remaining wartime co-optee. In his acceptance speech he referred with regret to the fact that past councillors had been unable to site the municipal buildings in a central position. He also mentioned the Festival of Britain and told councillors that the programme the Borough had arranged would ensure that it would put Reigate on the map. The Merstham LCC estate was another programme the Borough was involved in at the time although Reigate Council had originally objected to the scheme. Cost to the LCC was £2.5m and the cost of sewerage to the Borough was £78,000. Another project in hand was the provision of car parks at Marketfield and Gloucester Road, Redhill. King George VI was to die on 6th
February 1952 and Mayor Salisbury ehad the solemn duty of reading the proclamation of the ascension to the throne of Queen Elizabeth ll, which he did at the Town Hall at 12 noon on Saturday February 9th 1952. In the mid 1990s that original printed proclamation was presented to the Corporation by his son and hung in the old council chamber.. During his service to the borough Arthur Salisbury became an Alderman. He died suddenly at his home in The Chese, Reigate, in his 90th year in June 1962.

In the photo on the right Mayor Salisbury and others from Reigate Council are on a fire boat in the Thames. The occasion is not known. The only other person identified is Cllr Willingdon who, with hat, is standing two behind the fire officer on the far right. (photo courtesy Mr G. Aldrich)

.... 39th Mayor, Harold Daniels 1952 -1954

see 1963 for 2nd term and information

.... 40th Mayor, Geoffrey S. Goodman, 1954 -1956

Mr Geoffrey Goodman was born in Blandford Road, Reigate, in 1905. He lived most of his life in the town, latterly in Duncroft Close. He was educated at Leys School, Cambridge, and joined his family's firm of chartered surveyors, Matthews and Goodman in the City in 1927. He remained the senior partner until his retirement in 1970. A keen sportsman Mr Goodman was treasurer, honourary secretary and then captain of the Reigate Heath Golf Club. He also played for the Southern Counties Hockey Club. Before WW2 he was known for his interest in social work and ran summer camps for London slum children. During WW2 Mr Goodman served in France, Holland and Iceland holding staff appointments and rising to the rank of Lieut. Colonel. He was also mentioned in despatches. Mr Goodman was elected to Reigate Borough Council in 1945 as an Independent candidate for the North Central ward. He became Chairman of the General Purposes Committee and in this capacity oversaw a number of boundary changes in 1953 and 1954. He was instrumental in obtaining a new coat of arms for the Borough and established the special relationship between the Borough and the French town of Beauvais. In 1956 he was elected an Alderman and retired from the council after 20 years service. Mr Goodman died in a London Hospital in 1972 aged 68. He left a wife, Anne, two married daughters and a son by his firat wife who died in 1969. The funeral service was held at St Mark's Church, Reigate.

In the picture on the left Mr Goodman is crowning the 1956 Queen of the Merstham Carnival in his capacity as Deputy Mayor.

In the top right picture Mayor Goodman is seated far left at the official opening of the Fire Brigade HQ at St David's, Croydon Road, Reigate. Next to him is the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, General Sir Robert Haining. The speaker is the Home Secretary, the Rt Hon. Gwilym Lloyd-George. Seated next to him is Mr AHC Salisbury, Chairman of the Surrey Fire Brigade Committee (Mayor 1951-52) and the Rev. Howard Sheldon, Vicar and Rural Dean of Reigate.

The bottom right picture shows the November 1956 ceremony of the conferring of the honorary freedom of the borough upon Mr G.J.Searle and Mr W.Lees Stenning. From l-r are: - The Mayor's Chaplain, the Rev B.M.Pratt: The Mayoress, Mrs Goodman: Mr Searle; Mr Lees Stenning: Mayor Goodman: Town Clerk Mr Heber Davies: the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress Alderman and Mrs Daniels: Deputy Town Clerk Mr C.W.Brightwell: and Sir Gordon Touche, MP (an honorary freeman since 1942).

.... 41st Mayor, Margaret Alison Hicks, M.A. 1956 - 1957

Second Lady Mayor

Margaret Hicks was made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough on 11th July 1961

Right - The brochure for the freedom ceremony

.... 42nd Mayor, George Searle, 1957 - 1959

The Mayor of Reigate, Aldernan George Searle,
presenting prizes at the carnival of 1957 in
Redhill Memorial Sports Ground.
(Picture courtesy Surrey Mirror)

.... 43rd Mayor, Herbert Best, 1959 - 1961
At the time of his election as Mayor Mr Best had lived and worked in the Borough as a nusery proprietor at Reigate for about fifty years. During WW2 he was active in the fire-fighting branch of the Civil Defence. He represented the South Ward of Reigate Borough Council from 1947 - 1951 and after an absence returned at a by-election in the Central Ward in 1953. He was an active member of the Borough Chamber of Commerce, under whose sponsordhip he first entered the Council, and was Chairman of the committee responsible for the Reigate Pageants of 1951 and 1953. He helped found the 'Friends of the County Hospital' and as Chairman of the Borough Old People's Welfare Committee he was largely instrumental in the purchase of the property which is now the Eversfield Home, Reigate Road.

The lace at the neck of Mr Best as Mayor was made by a Mrs Goad, who taught the old method of Bedfordshire pillow lace, at the Art College

Mr Best set up Sunnyside Nurseries after serving in the first World War, before this he had worked on Sir Jeremiah Coleman's estate at Gatton.

Additional Pictures and information kindly supplied by
Margaret Whaley

The picture above was taken when the Queen Mother paid a visit to Fonthill on Reigate Road in the 1960s. Mr Best was a founding member of Eversfield Residential Home on Reigate Road.  His funeral was at St Mary's church in Reigate, and on the way to the crematorium a very moving moment was going past Eversfield with many of the residents standing in the garden to watch the funeral procession.

From then on, until he died in 1972, Mr Best lived at the second cottage on the right in The Close off Chart Lane. The picture of him standing at the gate was taken before it was extended
.... 44th Mayor, Edward Stoneham, 1961 - 1963
.... 45th Mayor, Harold Daniels, 1963 - 64 (2nd term)
Mayor Daniels
during his second term

Mayor Daniels signing the roll upon acceptance of office at the Mayor-making ceremony of May 20th 1963. Note the old black and white portraits of previous mayors adorning the walls of the council chamber.
Mr Daniels represented the old North Central Ward from November 1938. On war duties 1939-45 he attended council meetings when military duties permitted. He rturned from the army with the rank of Lieut-Colonel and is pictures here in uniform. He re-sought election in 1946. His profession was a chartered accountant and he had lived in the ward for fiften years.
.... 46th Mayor, Mary Oakley M.A., 1964 - 1966
Mrs A.S.Oakley of Ways End, St Albans Road, Reigate, was the Borough's 3rd woman Mayor after Alderman Donkin 1949-51 and Mrs M.A.Hicks 1956-7. Councillor Oakley came to the Borough with her husband in 1948 from the Sudan where she had carried out social work in Khartoum prison.
.... 47th Mayor, Justin Henry Alleyn, B Arch, FRIBA, 1966 - 1968

Lt. Col. Alleyn, as he then was when he moved to the Old Saddlery in Merstham during WW2, became a Borough Councillor in 1951. He was an Alderman for two years before becoming Mayor. He had interests in sailing and amateur dramatics and was an ex-officio magistrate and a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre (a senior echelon of the Catholic laity). At one time he was going to become a monk but after six months as a novice realised that he had no vocation for the monastic life. He went to Liverpool University instead. He went into business before WW2 but when that conflict came he becams a staff captain on the Adjutant General's staff at the War Office. He finished the war as a Lieut. Colonel and resumed as head of the architect's firm of Alleyn and Mansell of London. St Teresa's and The Epiphany churches on the Merstham estate were built to his company's plans as was the Catholic primary school in Linkfield Lane. He was involved in establishing Centenary House, the Redhill day centre for the elderly, in 1965/66. He married Miss Margaret Sara Durling, daughter of the Prebendary J.A.Durling, Rector of Bideford, Devon, at St Joseph's Church Redhill in 1956. Mr Alleyn died in 1983 aged 75.
(Information taken from the book 'Twentieth Century Merstham' by kind permission of its author, A.B. de M.Hunter, and additional information subsequently added from other sources)

.... 48th Mayor, Peter Phillips, 1968 - 1970

Peter Phillips was the last Mayor to serve consecutive terms. After 1970 it was no longer possible to serve more than one consecutive year

.... 49th Mayor, Ernest Crowe, 1970 - 1971
Became a Conservative Borough Councillor in 1960 under the then Reigate Borough Council. Elected Alderman in 1970. When elected for a second term became the first Mayor of the new Reigate and Banstead Council in 1974. Made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough in 1988. While deputy Mayor in 1970 started a Trust Fund to help needy people in the area. his charity work included being Chairman of Redhill, Reigate and Merstham Age Concern from 1972 until 1995, holding the Presidency of the East Surrey Society for mentally handicapped children from 1974, and being associated with the work of the League of Friends at the Royal Earlswood Hospital. He was awarded the OBE for his community work in 1990. He died on May 2nd 1995.
.... 50th Mayor, Robin Kemp, 1971-1972

Robin Kemp was born in Hampton Wick, Middlesex in 1920 and moved to Reigate at age six.
He entered the Royal Ordnance Corps in 1939 and later served in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers during WW II, reaching the rank of Warrant Officer 1 and serving in Egypt and Italy. On leaving the army after the war he entered his father's  retail business, Wray Park Corn Stores in London Road, Reigate. He later went on to run the family firm, before becoming Office Manager for an Animal Foodstuffs wholesalers in Sevenoaks. Robin was first elected councillor for Central Ward in 1960 and continued to represent his electors until 1991. He continued living in Reigate until 2001 and has taken an interest in local affairs up to the present. Robin Kemp sadly died on 21st October 2004.
(Information provided by Robin and Neville Kemp)
.... 51st Mayor, Elliot Arthur Charles Pearce, 1972-1973
As a boy at St John's School in the 1920s and 30s Mr Pearce would have attended annual gatherings on the common for Empire Day and be addressed by the Mayor of the time. Whether he then ever aspired to the office is unknown, although probably unlikely. He was well known for having his own band for many years and playing at many local venues. Lived in Maple Road, Redhill.

Alderman Pearce is pictured left cutting the first turf to launch a two-year project of the council's £700,000 waste incinerator. The plant combined sludge disposal with refuse incineration and was the first of its kind in the country. I his speech Ald. Pearce said, 'The present waste disposal facilities are being stretched to the limit. We shall be in urgent need of the new plant when it is finished. It will be costly but if it gives the high performance expected of it I am sure it will be worth it'. Unfortunately the incinerator did not perform to its costed expectations and was shut down after being in use for a few

.... 52nd Mayor, Thomas Curtis, 1973 - 1974

Mayor Curtis at an event with local cub scouts

In 1974 The Borough of Reigate became the Borough of Reigate and Banstead
.... 53rd Mayor, Ernest Crowe, 1974 - 1975 (2nd term)
Served as Mayor in Borough in both its forms
.... 54th Mayor, Roy Stephenson, 1975 - 76
.... 55th Mayor, George Searle, 1976 - 1977

If the same George Searle from 1957 - 59 then he also served as Mayor of Borough in both its forms.

Photo left - Mayor Searle sits at the keyboard of letter sorting equipment during a visit to the Redhill Sorting Office in December 1976

George Searle left school at 14 to work at Bryant and May Ltd., the match makers, just after WW1. He moved on to eventually become director of food transport for the Ministry of Food. Having experienced the 1930s depression at first hand he had a concern for all sections of the community and was just over 40 when he became a local Councillor. He was well past retirement when he retired in 1979, at which time he was appointed an honorary alderman of the Borough. Like Mayor Alleyn before him, he was also a Merstham resident with an interest in amateur dramatics, and an ex-officio magistrate.
(Information taken from the book 'Twentieth Century Merstham' by kind permission of its author, A.B. de M.Hunter)

Mayor and Mrs Searle on a visit to Borough almshouses.

.... 56th Mayor, Thomas Gover, 1977 - 78
.... 57th Mayor, Peter Lynch B.Sc. C.Eng. MIEE, 1978 - 79

Peter Lynch trained as a monk in Dumfries, Scotland, joining an order but leaving aged 25 to join the RAF. He met his wife in Glasgow and they moved to Horley where he became a researcher for Phillips and a part-time lecturer in physics and electrics at Lewisham Technical College. In the 1960s he became a councillor for Horley West. He also became chairman of Horley and Dorking Rural District
Council and chairman of the Gatwick area Housing Association. He was one of three founders of St Bede's School in Carlton Road, Redhill. At some time he started work for Central London Borough Council, given up in 1977 to to become a 6th form master at Court Lodge School at Horley. Before becoming Mayor in 1978 he held the post of Deputy Mayor. He died in October 2002 aged 70.

Photo above - Mayor Lynch showing children the ceremonial mace

.... 58th Mayor, Hugh Macalman, 1979 - 1980

Mr Macalman met his wife, Peggy, in 1941 when he was stationed at Reigate with the Royal Corps of Signals. She was a local girl who had attended the County School for Girls. The couple were married at St Mary's Church in Reigate. After many years on the council they were elected Mayor and Mayoress of Reigate and Banstead for 1979-80. In 1988 Mr Macalman was conferred as Honarary Alderman.

Pictures: -
Mayor Macalman tree planting in Reigate Priory
Mr and Mrs Macalman on their 50th wedding anniversary in November 1993

.... 59th Mayor, Thomas Curtis MA, LLb, 1980 -1981
.... 60th Mayor, Maurice Adams, 1981 - 1982

Lt Commander Maurice Sydney Adams FRMS, RN (retd) was a Councillor for the former Banstead Urban Council 1968-74 and of the Borough of Reigate and Banstead 1974-95. He served mostly on Housing and Recreation Committees. He was Mayor of the Borough of Reigate and Banstead 1981-82 and Deputy Mayor 1986-87. He was conferred as Honorary Alderman in 2002. He died on April 10th 2002.
.... 61st Mayor, Walter Jupp, 1982 - 1983
Mr Jupp served on the borough council for 16 years. He was chairman of both its planning and housing committees and became mayor of the borough in 1982. The Borough Council conferred the title of Honorary Alderman on 13th December 2001 in appreciation and acknowledgement of his eminent services to the Borough and its predecessor, and as an expression of the high esteem in which he was held.

Horley's first mayor dies
From the Reigate Redhill Horley LIFE 5:30pm Monday 29th March 2010

Horley's first mayor, Wally Jupp, has died at the age of 80. Walter, or Wally, was the town's first mayor in 1974, and served as mayor of Reigate and Banstead six years later. He died in East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, on March 20. The husband of former town and Reigate and Banstead Borough Councillor Doreen Jupp, who died in 2008, Mr Jupp was very active with his wife in town life. In 2002, the couple received the Horley Town Award. The award, Horley Town Council's highest honour, was made in recognition of their joint “immense” contribution to the life of the town. The ceremony's citation called them a “remarkable couple” and stated the award was for their joint contribution to the people of Horley by continuous and consistent support of the local community, for involvement in Horley Citizens Advice Bureau and Regent Hall Day Centre, and other initiatives over the preceding 30 years. In 2001, the borough council conferred the title of Honorary Alderman on Mr Jupp in appreciation and acknowledgement of his eminent services to the borough and its predecessor, and as an expression of the high esteem in which he was held. Mr Jupp was a member of Horley Parish Council and its chairman in 1973. When the parish council's title changed to town council in 1974, he continued in office as Horley’s first mayor until 1976. He represented the council on many outside bodies and served on the Board of Governors of Meath Green Junior School and the former Court Lodge School.
Mr Jupp, who worked in the printing industry and who commuted to London with his wife, was also an enthusiastic member of Horley Lions for many years, and served as its President until 2001. He and Doreen were instrumental in arranging the town council's purchase of the Albert Rooms and were involved in the Regent Hall Day Centre building project.
Current mayor of Horley and chairman of Horley Town Council Simon Marshall, who first met the Jupps in 1973, said they had made a lasting contribution to the town. He said: “He and Doreen were both very much involved in the community – well-known for their support of the Royal British Legion. “Doreen was town mayor as well. They were very much part of the community.” Doreen had a distinguished career in local politics too, including as a member of Horley Parish Council and Horley Town Council, two terms as town mayor in 1978 and 1985, as chairman of the town's Silver Jubilee Committee in 1977, and 16 years as a borough councillor. Councillor Marshall said he expected to see lots of civic dignitaries at Mr Jupp's funeral at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium on Friday, April 9, at 12.45pm.
Horley town clerk Alan Jones said the council was “extremely saddened” to learn of Mr Jupp's death. He called him “a perfect gentleman” and said although retired from the council, he liked to keep up with its affairs. “He was always very interested, lovely to chat to and a great supporter of the town council,” he said.
A borough council spokesman said they were saddened at Mr Jupp's death and he was held in high esteem by them.

.... 62nd Mayor, John Lyndon Morgan, MA, 1983 - 1984
1st term - for information see second term 2000-2001
.... 63rd Mayor, Anand Gulati LLb, 1984 - 1985
Mayor Gulati addressing guests att the opening of Donyngs in 1985
(picture courtesy Surrey Mirror)

Mayor Anand Gulati was known as Ken

.... 64th Mayor, Kathleen Waters, 1985 - 1986
.... 65th Mayor, Robin John Kemp, 1986 - 1987 (2nd term)
.... 66th Mayor, John McFarlane C.Eng. FI Strct.E., 1987 - 1988
In 2002 Mr McFaralane was given a Horley Town Council award as follows:
- Mr John McFarlane; in recognition of his selfless service and commitment to the community in countless ways including service on the Management Committee of the Horley Citizens Advice Bureau, President of the Horley Residents '92 Association and Chairman of the Welfare Committee of the Horley Lions. He has also made immense contributions to the success of the Horley Local History Society.
2012 - Sad News from the Horley Local History Society Website

It is with regret that we report the death (7th February 2012). of John McFarlane, for many years a leading member of our Horley Local History Society. His house became the "storeroom" of our Society's records. It was not until he had to move to a Care Home, and the members of our Society had to take over the custody of our archives, that we fully realised how much we owed to his meticulous care - and of the extent of our information!

John was born at Ayr in Scotland, something for which he was forever proud, even though he moved to the south of England at a very early age. He arrived at Horley in the 1950s, after joining an engineering practice in London. He worked as a structural engineer until his retirement, but also found time to become immersed in local affairs. John was well-known as a very active member of the local branch of the Lions, and was for many years a member of the Reigate and Banstead Council. Eventually, he spent a busy year as Mayor.

John was particularly interested in taking photographs of every shop in Horley: over a period of 50 years that means we have a large collection! His precise listing of our archives was well appreciated. His presence - and dry wit - will be sorely missed. Our sympathies are with his two children, Rod and Alison, and the grandchildren: one of the families lives locally and the other in New Zealand. His wife, Sylvia, died a little over three years ago.

.... 67th Mayor, Angela Fraser, 1988 - 89
Angela Fraser has lived in Chipstead for over fifty years and was elected in 1979 for the ward Chipstead, Hooley and Woodmansterne, which she represented for 21 years. She has also served on Surrey County Council for 19 years. She is a Deputy Lieutenant of Surrey. Her interests include education, where she is a school governor in both the independent and maintained sectors. She is Chairman of Age Concern of Merstham, Redhill and Reigate and of Reigate Priory Museum. Her husband died shortly before she became Mayor in 1988 and her 20 year-old son, Charles, became the youngest Mayor's Escort to date. Her Charity was the QEFD and a total £117,000 was raised with the help of an active fundraising committee.
.... 68th Mayor, Erica Dunsmore FCIS, 1989 - 1990

A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, Erica was Chairman of the London Branch in the 1970s and served two years on the Council of the Institute. Throughout her working life she held jobs connected with Company Registration. As an enthusiastic Young Conservative in the 1950s she was the Divisional Y.C. Chairman for over 3 years in the Mitcham and Wallington constituency. She moved to Banstead in 1959 when she married David S.Dunsmore. Elected as a ward councillor in Banstead village in 1961 she held the seat until 1995. She was chairman of Banstead Urban District Council 1972-73 and Mayor of Reigate and Banstead 1989-90. During her 34 years as a Reigate and Banstead Councillor she held all the various Chairmanships in turn. She was honoured in 1996 by being made an honorary Alderman of the Borough of Reigate and Banstead. She and her husband have retired in West Dorset.
.... 69th Mayor, Norman Smith, 1990 - 1991

Norman Smith became a Labour Councillor on the old Reigate Borough Council in 1952, representing Reigate South, and an Alderman before representing Reigate South West on the newly formed Reigate and Banstead Council in 1974. He was elected Mayor in 1990 and made the YMCA his chosen charity, raising £17,000 for its new HQ. In 1995 was awarded a long service merit
award by Labour leader Tony Blair, and made a Freeman of the Borough in December of the same year. His proudest achievement was said to be getting the Woodhatch Community Centre built. He died in January 1996 aged 77. (Picture on the right courtesy Reigate Borough Times)

Norman Smith, Reigate Council's first Labour Mayor, taking the oath of office in May 1990

.... 70th Mayor, Allen Kay MIMI, 1991 - 1992

Born and educated in the West Riding of Yorkshire, Allen James Kay, here shown with his wife Susanna, moved into the Borough in 1968. His father worked for BUA at Gatwick and his wife also worked there as an air traffic controller. Allen works within the car rental industry and is a member of the Institute of Motor Industry. He has also spent time in the TAVR. He was first elected to the Borough Council in 1979 for Reigate North Central ward. He was proud to be associated with the birth of the Donyngs Recreation Centre, Redhill, during his term as Chair of the Recreation Committee. During his Mayoralty Allen and Susanna were sometimes accompanied by their 4 and 6 year-old daughters Jessica and Rebecca, which was somewhat different for some of the organisations they were invited to visit and for the Mayoral drivers. The best memories Allen has of his Mayoral year are those of the number of people they met who were dedicated to helping others.
.... 71st Mayor, Edgar Waller, 1992 - 1993

Eddie Waller was educated at St Joseph's RC School in Chapel Road, Redhill, from where he won a scholarship to Reigate Grammar School in 1925. He left school in 1931 and was employed in the Custom's Dept. of Zeiss Ikon Ltd in London. In October 1939 he enlisted in the armed services and was in France, the Western Desert and Iraq. Demobilised in 1945 he went to Teacher Training College where he met Mary, his wife, who was also a student there. They were married at Cleethorpes in 1947 and have a son and daughter, both married, and four grandchildren.
Eddie taught in Surrey for 29 years. In 1970 he became a Councillor and served on the Council continuously until 1998. Among many of his activities in this role he served on several committees and was Chairman of the Reigate Constituency Labour Party and the Secretary of the Labour Group of Councillors. He was a governor at Pine End GLC School in Reigate and later Chairman of Governors of St John's School, Redhill. He was also a member of Redhill's first Town Centre Committee. In 1984 - 1985 he was Deputy Mayor.
In 1992 his wife, Mary, became Mayor, making them the only husband and wife to serve in this capacity in the Borough. With her, Eddie was involved in the early stages of the twinning of the Borough with Brunoy in France and Eschweiler in Germany. Both Eddie and Mary were conferred with the title of Honorary Alderman of the Borough of Reigate and Banstead in 2001.
.... 72nd Mayor, Norman Spiers, 1993 - 1994
.... 73rd Mayor, Diana Bowes, 1994 - 1995

Mrs Diana Bowes served as an elected member of the Borough Council from 1983 - 1999, representing the Chipstead-Hooley and Woodmansterne ward. Her charities were The Children's Trust Tadworth and the British Heart Foundation. She also supported voluntary organisations involved with youth work, such as Girl Guiding, Scouting and St John Ambulance. Mrs Bowes
had previously been involved in Girl Guiding as a Brownie Guide Leader and
as District Commissioner. During her mayoral term her husband, Richard,
was her escort. They have three grown-up children and two grandchildren. They have both been very involved with the Borough's Twinning Association and have visited Eschweiler in Germany and Brunoy in France on many occasions. In 1997 Mrs Bowes was elected as Surrey County Councillor for the Banstead South division. At present (June 2004) she is Chairman of the SCC Local Committee for Reigate and Banstead and Chairman of the Health Scrutiny Committee.

Picture copyright Iain Howell LMPA, LSWP

Mayor Bowes adjusting the ceremonial robes displayed at a Civic Exhibition at the Town Hall in 1995
.... 74th Mayor, Penelope Horsfall JP, 1995 - 1996

A Liberal Democrat, Penelope Horsfall was first elected to the Borough of Reigate and Banstead Council in 1973. Her total years of service were 18 representing both Reigate Central and Reigate South Central wards. She was appointed a magistrate in 1975, a position she still holds in 2004. She was chairman the Planning and Development Committee 1991-94 and Chairman of Contract Services Board 1997-98. Had been a Councillor for 13 years when elected as the Council's first Liberal Democrat Mayor 1995-96. She was proposed by Councillor Graham Norman and seconded by Councillor Muriel Moore. She was a Surrey County Councillor for Reigate Central from 1997-2001. She was conferred as an Honorary Alderman in 2002.

In the photo Mayor Horsfall is shown with children of Furzefield School, Merstham.

.... 75th Mayor, John Chiles, 1996 - 1997

Councillor Chiles, who was aged 73
when elected, was the Conservative member for Tadworth and Walton and was first elected to the Council in 1988. He served as vice-chairman of the Recreation Committee and Chairman of Contract Services.

76th Mayor, Mrs Mary Waller, 1997 - 1998

The daughter of a schoolmaster, Mary Cockerill was born and educated at Cleethorpes. During the war she was employed by the National Assistance Bord and was involved a repertory company in Grimsby. Stage work was something she continued after the war at teacher training college and it was here that she was seen reading Bernard Shaw's 'St Joan' by Eddie Waller who went to the stage door to congratulate her. Three weeks later he asked her to marry him. She came south with Eddie and became a teacher locally. Active in the Labour movement she became a Councillor in 1973 and has a history of successful campaigns for local causes. She became Deputy Mayor in 1991 and Mayoress when Eddie became Mayor in 1992. She became Mayor herself in 1997.

Mary and Edgar Waller are the only husband and wife to each serve as Mayor. Here they are pictured together in October 1997 at the launch of a new Council funded mediation service for squabbling neighbours. They were both made Honorary Aldermen in 2001 (Picture courtesy Surrey Mirror)

The death of Mary Waller occurred on 14th September 2009. He funeral was at St Joseph's Church on Friday 25th September 2009. Below are some of the tributes to her.

From the Surrey Mirror newspaper 2009

Tributes are continuing to pour in following the death last week of former Mayor, Alderman Mary Waller. Mrs Waller, 88, passed away at her home in Redhill.
Jayne Stanton, manager of Relates' Mid Surrey branch said this week: 'Her commitment to Relate spanned many years from her early days as a borough councillor, actively supporting our grant applications, to more recent times as our President. Her passing after a very active life is a great loss. Our thoughts at this time go to her husband Eddie and her family.'
Muriel Moore, ex-Liberal Democrat borough councillor from 1989-1999 said: 'It saddened my husband and I greatly when, on returning from holiday, we bought the Surrey Mirror and read of the passing of that wonderful lady, Mary Waller, one of the borough's most respected and liked characters. When I was a new Reigate and Banstead councillor she was already a well seasoned member of the council. To observe her in action in the council chamber inspired confidence and I found her a font on knowledge and always willing to help new councillors such as myself with sound advice and good guidance.. This help was given freely regardless of the fact that I was a representative of a different political party. It gave me great pleasure when, during my time as a councillor she became mayor in 1997. She will be greatly missed in many walks of life.'

From 'This is Surrey Today - Horley' 2009

Tributes have been pouring in after one of Redhill's best-known residents, Alderman Mary Waller, died at home on Monday at the age of 88. She had been bravely battling pancreatic cancer since Christmas, but told few people and carried on with her many appointments. Mrs Waller, of Eastcote, The Cutting, Redhill, was born on April 18, 1921. She was the daughter of a schoolmaster in Stallingborough, Lincolnshire. Both Mary and her husband, Eddie, 95, passionately served the borough of Reigate, then Reigate and Banstead, for a total of more than 50 years as Labour councillors. They both served terms as mayor in the 1990s and are the best-known civic pair in the history of the council. Her love of drama and arts – shared by Eddie – ensured she was the spearhead of a campaign to get the Harlequin Theatre built in Redhill in 1983. The couple battled to improve community facilities in Whitebushes and have the Reigate Priory building lovingly restored to its former glory. They have been involved in nearly all decisions affecting Reigate and Redhill. On the occasion of their diamond wedding in May 2007, Mr Waller revealed it really was love at first sight when they first met back in 1946. The retired schoolmaster, recalled at the time: "She was giving a recital of George Bernard Shaw's St Joan at our emergency teacher-training college in Leavesden, near Watford, and I was greatly struck by her. "I went up to her afterwards and said how well she'd done and asked if she'd like to go for a walk with me. She agreed but then she told me she already had a boyfriend. "We then went on another walk over the fields to St Albans and by the time we got there I was holding her hand. We were engaged three weeks later." Mr Waller was born in Camberwell on August 29, 1914 — the day the First World War broke out. He was one of five children. His father went off to the battlefields in 1917 and when he returned the family relocated to Redhill, living at 23 Shrewsbury Road. Young Eddie attended St Joseph's Catholic School, in Chapel Road, Redhill, and on to Reigate Grammar School. He left school in 1931 during the general depression and was unable to get a job for seven months. After a brief period as a student teacher at Frenches Road School, Redhill, he worked as an assistant secretary for Walter Prideaux, who ran five shops in London selling eggs and poultry. In the Second World War, Mr Waller served in the Royal Army Service Corps from 1939-40, then set off in a convoy of ships to north Africa. Somewhat impoverished and jobless, Mary and Eddie were sent to Redhill by their teacher-training college. It was a sheer coincidence that Eddie found himself back in the town he grew up in. He worked for many years at Earlswood School, St John's Road, specialising in art and geography. After a short stint of teaching, Mary found herself expecting her elder child, David, in 1948 while living with husband Eddie in a bedsit run by four rather eccentric maiden ladies at The Firs, a Georgian house in Brighton Road. For several years the couple had to bring up a baby in the cramped surroundings where there was nowhere to dry wet nappies. The ladies wouldn't allow a line to be put up in the garden. The couple were fortunate to find their present home, in The Cutting, Brighton Road, Redhill, in 1949. It was here that daughter Diana was born three days after Christmas in 1951. David and Diane provided the couple with four grandchildren – Clare, Sarah, Emily and Rosie.

From the Reigate and Banstead Council website 2009

The Sad death of Honorary Alderman Mrs Mary Waller: - Residents will be saddened to learn that Honorary Alderman Mrs Mary Agnes Waller passed away in the week of 14 September. Mary Waller was an exemplary community citizen serving the council since its inception in 1974 until 1998. She served as Mayor in 1997-1998 and was also Deputy Mayor and Mayoress when her husband, Honorary Alderman Eddie Waller was Mayor in 1992-1993. In 2002, the council conferred the title Honorary Alderman on Mrs Waller in appreciation and acknowledgement of the eminent services rendered by her to the council as an expression of the high esteem in which she was held. Cllr Mrs Joan Spiers, Council Leader, described her as "a real character who spent all of her spare time working for her residents." Mrs Spiers added: "Mary will be remembered by many for her valuable contribution to this borough. Her passing is an enormous loss for all of us.  Our thoughts are with Mary’s family and friends at this sad time."

.... 77th Mayor, John Henry Prevett, 1998 -1999

Born one of twin boys in Glynde, Sussex, John Prevett had a Grammar School education. He came to Redhill in 1955 when his father was appointed Station Master, and qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries the same year. He joined Bacon and Woodrow, consulting Actuaries in 1958 and became a partner of the firm in 1962. He retired in 1998. He became a Councillor in 1963 and served until 1969 and again from 1971 to 1984 and from 1986 on. He married Joy in 1959 and they celebrated their Ruby Wedding during his Mayoralty. John was closely associated with the campaign for better compensation for thalidomide children in the 1960s and 70s and received an OBE for this work in 1973. He has held various posts with other organisations and in 1995 attended a 'veteran's lunch' with Nelson Mandela in Pretoria for those who had worked internationally against apartheid for more than 30 years.

Mayor and Mrs Prevett's 40th wedding anniversary occurred in April, 1999, during his Mayoralty and they are shown cutting their cake at a celebration with family and friends. (Picture courtesy Surrey Mirror)

Honorary Alderman and humanitarian John Prevett OBE dies. (From The Redhill and Reigate Life)

Honorary Alderman of Reigate and Banstead Borough and former mayor John Prevett OBE, who served as a councillor on the old Reigate Borough Council and then Reigate and Banstead Borough Council for more than 40 years, died on January 31, 2010, aged 76. A Labour councillor, he was active in charity work and was an avowed humanitarian. He was especially involved in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, and was a prominent local member of Anti-Apartheid and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
...... Mr Prevett, whose family worked on the railways and whose father was stationmaster at Redhill, served in the Friends Ambulance Service during his National Service in the 1950s, because he was a conscientious objector to military service. He worked mostly in Austria, helping Hungarian refugees displaced by the Second World War.
......After this, he worked in the field of actuaries, qualifying as the country's youngest ever actuary at the age of 22. He was involved in designing a lot of high-level pension funds, including internationally, and later became a partner in his actuarial firm, Bacon and Woodrow. As a humanitarian against apartheid, he worked through the Canon Collins Trust to help refugees in South Africa with aid and education, and continued that work after apartheid finished.
......Locally, Mr Prevett represented various areas of the borough as a councillor, and was also active in the RNIB, CAB and the Colman Institute, while on the national scene he received an OBE in 1974 for his work advising parents of Thalidomide children in their fight for compensation.
......Married to Joy, and with two sons, Steven and David, Mr Prevett had six grandchildren, and a non-identical twin brother, Dr Peter Prevett. His son Steven said simply he was “very proud” of his father. His friend John Barton of Reigate Constituency Labour Party said: “John was a remarkable humanitarian who was respected and admired by many local people. “He was highly respected all-round and across the board. He will be greatly missed.” A spokeswoman for Reigate and Banstead Borough Council said: “In July 2006 the council conferred the title of Honorary Alderman on John Prevett in appreciation and acknowledgement of his eminent services to the borough and its predecessor, and as an expression of the high esteem in which he was held.” Mr Prevett served on the former Reigate Council from 1963 to 1969 and from 1971 until 1974, and then on Reigate and Banstead Borough Council for ten years from its inception in 1974, and then from 1986 until 2006. He was mayor of the borough from 1998 to 1999.
......His funeral took place at St Paul's United Reformed Church, Hatchlands Road, Redhill, on Wednesday , February 17th 2010.

.... 78th Mayor, Brian Cowle, 1999 - 2000

Elected to the Borough Council in 1983 Cllr Brian Cowell and represented the Nork ward for 8 years. For the next 7 years he represented Banstead Village. A member of most Council committees his special interest was Planning, where he sought to protect Banstead's Green Belt and ensure that new buildings fitted into the village character. A food scientist, Councillor Cowle's wife, Rosemary accompanied him whenever time away from her own Market Research Company permitted her to do so. In the right hand picture the Mayor is at the controls of a machines working at the extension to the Reigate Municipal buildings in September 1999.

Picture of Mayor Cowle and his wife, Rosemary, courtesy of the Borough Times.

.... 79th Mayor, John Lyndon Morgan, 2000 - 2001 (2nd term - 1st term 1983-84)

A Barrister, he served on Reigate and Banstead Council for some 20 years chairing Council Committees. He is a past President of the Reigate Society and of the the Surrey Mayors Association. At various times he held office as Chair of School Governing Bodies and of a local Choir Trust. 2000-2001 was his second term as Mayor of the Borough. He was made an Honourary Alderman in 2006. The family of his wife, Anne, have lived in the Borough for many years.

Picture copyright Lisa Bowerman

.... 80th Mayor, Councillor Stanley Gates, 2001 - 2002

Councillor Stanley Gates was elected to the Council in 1982 representing the Kingswood with Burgh Heath Ward. In his time as a councillor he had always served on the Planning and Development and Highways Committees and was a chairman of both. During WW2 he served with the 14th Army in Burma. His working life as a high voltage transmission engineer took him all over the world. After this he worked for British Rail, maintaining their electrical transmission work. he is married to Maureen and they have lived at Kingswood for thirty years. (Picture Courtesy Reigate and Banstead Council)
.... 81st Mayor, Councillor Michael Buttery, 2002 - 2003

Councillor Buttery graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge, and went into the packaging industry first as an engineer and then as a technical director. He subsequently went into management consultancy, an occupation he returned to after a spell as technical director of a subsidiary of Thorn EMI. He settled at Walton-on-the-Hill in 1975 and became a councillor for Tadworth and Walton in 1998. Many Mayors have adopted a theme for their term of office and in his inaugural speech the new Mayor announced that his theme for the year will be 'personal responsibility'. (Picture courtesy Surrey Mirror)
.... 82nd Mayor, Councillor Philip Circus 2003 - 2004

Barrister and legal consultant Councillor Circus became Mayor in May 2003 after being a councillor in the northern part of the Borough for three years. For the last two of these years he had been a portfolio holder in the Council Executive and for the last year Deputy leader of the Council.

Mayor Philip Circus and wife Gaenor

.... 83rd Mayor, Councillor Marion Brewster 2004 - 2005

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council’s 83rd Mayor, Councillor Mrs Marion Brewster, used her year in office to promote Prosperity for all. Councillor Mrs Brewster announced her theme for the municipal year when she was elected Mayor at the Annual Council meeting on Thursday 24 June 2004. Her husband Trevor was declared Mayor’s Escort. In her inaugural speech as Mayor, Cllr Mrs Brewster explained Prosperity for All as: “prosperity for the Borough, prosperity for our residents and prosperity for our local businesses. To prosper is to thrive, to flourish and to be successful; this is what we all wish, for all our residents, our schools, our hospitals and all those working so hard, to make the borough a better place, and for our Council.” Cllr Mrs Brewster also nominated Macmillan Cancer Relief as her main charity for the year. Macmillan is a national charity which gives help to cancer sufferers and their carers. Cllr Mrs Brewster will also be supporting environmental charity The Woodland Trust, which is dedicated to the protection of native woodland heritage.
At the time of her election as Mayor Mrs Brewster has been a Borough Councillor for six years having been elected for Chipstead, Hooley and Woodmansterne Ward in 1998. She had been Chairman of the Finance Committee and then under the new system, Executive Member for Finance for two years. She represented Chipstead Ward on the Planning Committee for six years. Cllr Mrs Brewster is Vice Chairman of the Downlands Project Management Committee, which does much remedial work in the local countryside. She was instrumental in the creation of the footpath through Embershaw. Cllr Mrs Brewster vigorously defends the Green Belt and was a leading light in organising the purchase of Neale's Field for Chipstead 27 years ago. Cllr Mrs Brewster had lived in Chipstead for 35 years, being active in many activities in the village including Playgroup, Resident Association, Village Preservation Society, Women's Institute and supporting her family in the Cricket Club. Cllr Mrs Brewster was born in Dundee and was brought up and educated in Perth. Her Father was a Seed Potato Merchant and Mother a teacher. She attended Perth Academy from 1942 to 1954, when she passed her Scottish Leaving Certificate exams (known to Scots as Highers). An Accountant by profession, Cllr Mrs Brewster trained in Scotland where she was brought up. She served a five year indentured apprenticeship where she spent three years working in Perth with a local firm and the final two years working in Edinburgh. She remained in the accountancy profession all her working life and in 2004 was still practicing within the profession. Cllr Mrs Brewster is married to Trevor, a timber agent by profession, whom she met whilst on holiday. They spent the first seven years in his home county of Essex and moved to Chipstead, in 1969, where they have lived ever since. They have one son, Richard.
.... 84th Mayor Councillor Frances Dixon 2005 - 2006

eigate and Banstead Borough Council’s new Mayor for 2005, Councillor Mrs Frances Dixon, was elected at the Annual Council meeting of Thursday 19 May 2005. Her brother, Frank Boreham, was declared Mayor’s Escort. Councillor Mrs Natalie Bramhall was elected Deputy Mayor. In her inaugural speech as Mayor, Cllr Mrs Dixon told councillors and members of the public: “It is a very great honour, to have the opportunity to serve as Mayor and I shall endeavour to represent Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, and all of the Borough, to the very best of my ability. I am taking as my theme this year ‘the family. I am a great believer in family life with four children and five grandchildren. I believe a good family life brings stability and happiness." At the time of her election Councillor Mrs. Frances Dixon had been a Borough Councillor for 13 years, having been elected for the Preston Ward in 1992. She served on various committees as well as the Planning and the Community Safety and Transport panels. Councillor Mrs. Dixon believes a Councillor’s best work is at the ward level. She is Chair of the Preston Advisory Group which is overseeing the regeneration of Preston Ward and offers help to the Preston Action Group. Before the management system was changed she was Chair of the Phoenix Youth Club. She enjoyed this work very much, meeting the residents and helping where possible. She also chaired the Banstead Association for Community Support, which helps families in need. She is a founder member of the local Home-Start, which helps families under stress and is a board member of Sure Start which helps and advises young families. Councillor Mrs. Dixon was brought up in Romford, Essex and attended Romford Infant and Junior Mixed School and Brentwood County High School for Girls. From there she went on to work in a barrister’s chambers and in the Law Courts. She met and married John and had four children. In 1973 John was elected Mayor of Wandsworth and Frances was his Mayoress. When her youngest child was of hand, she trained to be a nursery infant teacher, teaching in Brixton, Mitcham and Croydon. When her husband died in 1990 she began an Open University degree and gained a BSc Honours. Her hobbies, when she has the time, are reading, walking her dog Bonnie and visiting the Harlequin Theatre. The Mayor’s chosen charity is Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The Mayor has chosen Breakthrough Breast Cancer as her charity because both her daughters in law suffered drom breast cancer. By the end of her term Councillor Dixon raised more than £21,000 for her charity.
.... 85th Mayor Councillor David Pay 2006 - 2007

Councillor David Pay took over the chain of office of Mayor of the Borough of Reigate on May 18th 2006. His wife, Barbara, pictured here with him, will be Mayoress. Councillor Pay was elected to represent Redhill West Ward in 2000. He has been on several committees and has been leader of the Conservative group. His theme for his Mayoral term will be young people and as many as possible will be welcomed to the Town Hall. His chosen charities are The Childrens' Trust and St Catherine's Hospice. (see also 89th Mayor for more information on Councillor David Pay)

.... 86th Mayor Councillor Mrs Dorothy Ross-Tomlin 2007 - 2008

Born in Caithness and educated in Glasgow Councillor Mrs Dorothy Ross-Tomlin took up an administrative post in Local Government working for the Chief Superintendent of the
Scottish Criminal Record Office. She later transferred to Glasgow Airport and then moved to London when BAA took over the airport. Councillor Mrs Ross-Tomlin studied at the University of the South bank, obtaining her professional qualifications of membership of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. After several years Councillor Mrs Ross-Tomlin left BAA to set up her own successful consultancy advising British airports and other clients in aspects of their procurement strategies. During this time Councillor Mrs Ross-Tomlin worked closely with renowned fashion designers in England and France.
Councillor Mrs Ross-Tomlin ceased trading to devote her time exclusively to politics and community matters and has represented the ward of Salfords and Sidlow since 1991. She has served on most Council committees and was a member of the Borough's Executive from its inception in 1999. She had cabinet responsibility for Leisure Services and latterly for Organisational Development of the Council but stood down to serve as Deputy Mayor 2006-2007, a role she relished.
The Mayor enjoys reading and relaxing in the sun at the family's holiday base in southwest France. Theatre and music have also been life-long interests. The Mayor's charities during her term will be The Variety Club Children's Charity, which supports sick, disabled and disadvantaged children across the UK, and Orbit Shed, which has an objective to raise
education in the performing arts in the Borough.

In November 2007 Mayor Mrs Ross-Tomlin presented ex-councillor Dr Michael Ormerod with the Freedom of the Borough, only the third time the honour has been awarded since the inauguration of the Borough of Reigate and Banstead in 1974. Dr Ormerod was a councillor for 31 years until he retired in May 2007, and was for much of that time the leader of the Labour party.

.... 87th Mayor Councillor Roger Newstead 2008 - 2009

Councillor Newstead was born and bred in the Cabridgeshire Fens at Ely. After University and National Service he joined the oil industry in 1961 and worked for four of the world's largest companies. Councillor Roger Newstead and his wife, Mary, have lived in the Borough for 40 years and have been involved in local grass roots politics for most of that time. Councillor Newstead represented the ward of Reigate Hill from 2001 following early retirement. He served on the Planning Committee since joining Reigate and Banstead Council and was a member of the Borough's Executive from 2002 - 2007. Initially he held the Projects and Performances portfolio and then held the Local Economy portfolio from May 2003 - May 2007.
.... 88th Mayor Councillor Richard Mantle 2009 - 2010

Councillor Richard Mantle lives at Woodmansterne and representd the Ward of Chipstead, Hooley and Woodmansterne. He has served on the Planning and Licensing Committees. Apart from his Council duties Richard serves as a Banstead Commons Conservator and is the Deputy Chairman of the Dowlands Project.

Richard was born and raised in Herefordshire but moved to this aea about twenty-five years ago. He worked in an accountancy practice in the City until starting his own business locally. He has lived with his family in Wodmansterne for ten years.

Richard's interests are history and the countryside. He is a founder member of the Banstead Local history Society. His interest in the countryside has involved him in the planting of a vineyard locally.

.... 89th Mayor Councillor David Pay 2010 - 2011 (2nd term - 1st term 2006-2007)

Councillor David Pay has been a councillor for ten years. Since his election he has served each year as a member of the Planning Committee, holding the posituion of vice-chairman for two terms, and more recently as chairman for two terms. he has also been vice-chairman on the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. His interest remains with the natural and built environment and he has served fior ten years with the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership, chairing it for two years.

Councillor Pay served an apprenticeship with his uncle as a clockmaker with a two year itrruption for national service with the RAF. His work is concentrated on the restoration of 17th-19th century clocks. He is a member of the British Horological Institute and the British Antique Dealers Association.

As in his 1st term in 2006 - 7 the Mayor's wife, Barbara, will accompany him. The Mayor's charities this time are Reigate Priory Museum, which has no regular funding, ORBIT shed, whose object is to advance education in the performing arts locally, St Catherine's Hospice and The YMCA Reigate and Redhill.

.... 90th Mayor Councillor Brian Stead 2011 - 2012

Councillor Stead was born in South London. he gained a BSc(ENG) in aeronautical engineering and completed a graduate apprenticeship with Hawker Aircraft at Kingston before joining the Royal Air Force as a pilot on permanent commission. He served all over the world, completing his sixteen year service as a Wing Commander in charge of the first Phantom Reconnaissance Squadron in Germany.
          During his service he married and had a family. Thirteen moves during his service career were followed by a period of settlement during a second career with the Ministry of Defence where his duties included intelligence gathering, counter espionage and counter terrorism.
          Councillor Stead has been a Borough Councillor for sixteen years, having first been elected for the Nork ward in 1995. He has been involved on several committees and has been the chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee for the past two years. He has been a school governor for seventeen years and a member of the Nork Residents’ Association committee for eighteen years. He is also deeply involved in other community activities. He is also a member of Epsom Golf Club, enjoys gardening and his main hobby of genealogy.
          Recently widowed the new Mayor will be accompanied during his year by one of his two married daughters, sister or sister-in-law. He will use his time to assist the Council, whenever possible, to communicate with the public. He is mindful that that with the Govermnet’s Localisation Bill it will be difficult for people to exercise their new powers without a clear understanding of the Council’s plans, policies and services.
        91st Mayor Councillor Roger Newstead 2012-13 (2nd term) - 1st 2008-2009)

Reigate Hill Conservative Councillor Roger Newstead, 73, was elected unopposed in May 2012 for a second term. He will be accompanied by his wife and lady mayoress, Mary, who was awarded the MBE for her services to young disabled people.

Concillor Newstead said that he believes that history gives guidance to the future and that we should keep traditions alive. We should be proud of our acheivements.

The new Mayor's charities will be Combat Stress, whichs helps service veterans withs mental health problems, and The Srrey Care Trust, which helps people improve their future prospects.

        92nd Mayor Councillor Dr Lynne Hack 2013-2014
Councillor Dr. Lynne Hack was elected Mayor of the Borough of Reigate and Banstead for the 2013-14 municipal year at the Annual Council Meeting on 23 May 2013. Born in Chipstead she moved to Banstead when she was eleven. Her husband is also local, having been brought up in Tadworth, and is a partner in a firm of chartered surveyors in London. The have one son.
         With a degree in genetics from Sheffield University Dr Hack was well placed to become involved in the science of micro-biology. At the Imperial Cancer Research she began the cancer related studies. After moving to St Bartholomew's Hospital she carried out four years resulted in a PhD. She was recruited to set up a Diagnostic Molecular Biology unit at the Roayl Marsden Hospital. She has published over sixty papers in the field of cancer genetics and has lectured widely.
        Councillor Dr Hack was first elected as a borough councillor for Bansted Village ward in 1999. She has served on every council committee and held cabinet portfolios for Personnel, Organisational Development, Housing and Planning. In 2007 she was elected Leader of the Council. Lynne won two awards for the restoration of the first floor of the town hall.
         The new mayor's nominated charities are Surrey Crimestoppers and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.
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