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The story of Ivy Burton's London Road Dance School

Dance Your Blues Away was the slogan of the Redhill School of Dancing and was the title of the first show put on by its Principal, Miss Ivy Burton, and her pupils in 1948. In February 2009 I was given a box of material that had once belonged to Ivy, who died on the 2nd March 2006. I felt that the items in the box deserved to be displayed and the School and its Principal, Ivy Burton, be not forgotten. This page is based on that material and whatever else I have been able to find out. I discovered that the Redhill School of Dancing closed in 1959, so 2009 was the 50th anniversary of that closure. Within the box of material were programmes and cuttings containing many names of those who performed in the 1948 show and the shows that followed annually until the last one in January 1959.There will be many people around who remember Ivy and her dancing school, some of whom were pupils and whose names perhaps appear in those cuttings and programmes. Alan Moore February 2009
Many thanks to Peter Burton for the original information and material upon which this page has been developed

From an early age Ivy wanted to be a dancer. Her grandfather, Horace Burton, encouraged her and paid for her to have lessons. She went on to qualify as a dance teacher, and in 1938 set up the Redhill School of Dancing at Richmond House, 71 London Road, Redhill. The house was owned by Horace and had a long room along its left hand (south) side where she taught many of the local children. Her tuition was interrupted during the war by a time spent in the WAAF but illness put and end to that and by 1945 she was back in Redhill teaching dancing.

In April 1948 the school put on a show at the Market Hall called 'Dance Your Blues Away', a title that had been the school's slogan during the war years. These shows became annual events until the school closed in 1959, the last one being aptly titled 'Fare Thee Well'.

The reason for the closure was the demolition of Richmond House. Perhaps the tenure was leasehold which expired around that time, perhaps there was another reason. Whatever it was Ivy was unable to find suitable alternative accommodation and decided not to continue, placing a notice in the local paper to that effect.

Ivy Burton, Principal of the Redhill School of Dancing, on stage at the Market Hall in 1959

....................................................................................................................................The 1959 closure announcement.


The row of five Victorian houses that were nos.63-71 London Road and which still stood between Glanville's Woodyard and the Crown Buildings in the 1950s. The Redhill School of Dancing was in the last house on the right. This view taken from the back of a house in Ladbroke Road and looks across the Sports Ground.


Richmond house was the most northerly of the line of five houses shown on the west side of London Road, Redhill across from the Sports Ground. The east side of London Road has undergone considerable redevelopment since and Grosvenor House now stands on the site.

The 1951 street directory entry for 71 London Road
Ivy seems to have been born in on 6th April 1918 judging by the two documents below. The telegram on the left reads VERY MANY HAPPY RETURNS and is franked 6APR39, probably Ivy's 21st birthday. The telegram is signed 'SON', the identity of whom is unknown. The document on the right certifies that Ivy Burton entered a drawing examination at the Kerri School in Reigate in June of 1931 aged 13.
Another certificate from 1931 states that Ivy was awarded first prize for her study in still life entitled 'tulips'. If the assumption that this study in still life was a painting or drawing then it seems that she was talented in this area
But it seems that dancing was her first love as these certificatetes from the following year of 1932 testify. Ivy was now 14 years of age
Ivy continued to enter competitions until 1939, amassing at least one hundred such certificates.
In June 1937 Ivy qualified as a member of the Royal Academy of Dancing and in May 1938, aged 20, started the Redhill School of Dancing at Richmond House, 71 London Road. The war began the following year but in November 1942 Ivy managed to attain ithe highest possible award for ballroom dancing, the Gold Star issued by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. This same year she enlisted in the WAAF but was invalided out a year later following a serious illness. She eventually returned to Richmond House to continue running the school in spite of the threst from flying bombs. It was during the war years that the school's slogan, 'Dance the Blues Away', was adopted. She went on to become an Associate of the National Society of Teachers of Dancing (Ball Room Branch) in May 1946, and an Associate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (Ball Room Branch) in June 1946. Her certificates for these three qualifications are shown below.
Ivy's 1937 Gold Star certificate and her 1946 ISTD certificate are both signed by Victor Silvestor. He is possibly best remembered as a dance orchestra leader but had previously been a dancer. He was one of the first post WW1 English dancers to feature the full natural turn in the slow waltz which was a factor in his winning the first world standard ballroom dancing championship in 1922. He competed again in 1924, coming second. He was a founder member of the Ballroom Committee of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and in 1928 published the book, 'Modern Ballroom Dancing', which has remained in print through many editions. He went on to open a chain of 23 dance studios. He formed his orchestra because he felt that there was not enough suitable dance music generally available.
1940 Advert
In 1948 the School was proud of its 100% record of successes in Royal Academy of Dancing Children's Examinations.
In addition it recorded the recent awards gained by pupils in amateur ball room medal tests of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and the National Association of Teachers of Dancing: -
Name of Pupil Medal Award Awarding Body
Mr John Reid Bronze, silver and gold N.A.T.D.
  also Bronze I.S.T.D.
Miss Barbara Jeal Bronze and Silver I.S.T.D.
Mrs A.W.Burdon Bronze and Silver I.S.T.D.
Mr A.W.Burdon Bronze I.S.T.D.
Miss Iris Smith Bronze I.S.T.D.
Miss Kathleen Green Bronze I.S.T.D.
Miss Doris Boucher Bronze I.S.T.D.
  also N.A.T.D.
Mr John Fewkes Bronze I.S.T.D.
Mrs S. Samuels Bronze I.S.T.D.
Mr Reg Bicknell Bronze I.S.T.D.
Miss Brenda Francis Bronze N.A.T.D.
The above list is the only one with the material but is very relevant because the first named person, John Reid, became Ivy's husband. He was an ex-marine who had gone to Ivy's school to learn to dance, clearly doing very well. The wedding date is not known but is believed to have been in the autumn of either 1950 or 51. In 1951 Richmond House at 71 London Road had been listed in the name of Ivy's grandfather, Horace Burton, but by 1959 was listed in the name of John Reid. On leaving Redhill (date unknown but presumably after 1959 when the school closed) Ivy and John moved to the East Grinstead area. On John's death (again date unknown) Ivy moved to the Pevensy area, then in the late 1960s /early 1990s, to Polegate. Ivy died on 2nd March 2006 aged 87 (if assumed dob above is correct)
. . . . . . . . THE SHOWS
  Your name may be among those listed against each year below.

This was the first of thirteen annual shows staged at the Market Hall by the Redhill School of Dancing. Fittingly the title was the school's slogan. The show was on Tuesday and Wednesday 6th and 7th April 1948. All dances were arranged and produced by Ivy Burton. The music for the title song was composed by Neville Smith, who also played the piano during the show, and the words were by Ivy Burton. The stage Director was Ralph Burton (Ivy's elder brother), the electrician was Ken Harvey.

The cast list, made up from the school's pupils, was: Paul Tubb, Terry Payne, Joyce Hunt, Anne Jenkins, Anne Luff, Mary Rose, Sybil Brass, Pat Fuegle, Pam Murrum, Sylvia Hook, Maureen Collins, Susan Davis, Roslyn Winter, Anne Bird, Janet Lynch, Jacqueline Kirstein, Mary Vigar, Mary Winter, June Gander, Dawn Burgess (aged 3½ years), Jane House, Rita Beeton, Maureen Furlong, Marion Lucken, Cilin Grey, Gretchen Tubb, Michael Tubb, Joan Vigar.
There was also a 'speciality' perfomed by Sybil and Dorina.

There was a repeat performance of 'Dance You Blues Away, at Merstham Village Hall on Friday May 28th.


This show appeared at the Market hall on Tuesday and Wednesday January 11th and 12th 1949 and was in aid of Dr Barnodo's Homes. Again written, devised and produced by the principal of the Redhill School of Dancing, Miss Ivy Burton, it took the form of a fairy tale fantasy in four scenes.

Neville Smith was again at the piano and the cast list included Margaret Burbridge (aged four), June Gander, Anne Bird, Evelyn Howick, Maureen Gray, Anne Forbes, Dawn Burgess, Jacqueline Kirstein, Maureen Collins, Maureen Furlong, Marian Lucken, Barbara Payne, Pamela Francis, Susan Davies, Wendy Winter, Jane House, Joan Vigar, Janet Lynch, Roslyn Winter, Lesley Bashford, Mary Rose, Mary Vigar, Rita Beeton, Anne Bird, June Gander, Sylvia Gray, Joyce Hunt, Michael Tubb, Grechen Tubb, Janet Lynch, Colin Gray, Angela Holloway (aged 3). John Forbes, Sylvia Hook, Pam Murrum, Sybil Brass, Kathleen McKay, Josephine Futcher, Anne Jenkins, Anne Luff, Vera Puddy, Christine Morley, Paul Tubb.

A repeat performance was staged at Merstham Village Hall on Friday 25th March 1949


This year the appearance Merstham Village Hall took place before the main event and just squeezed into the old year by being stqaged as a special 2.30p.m.matinee on 31st December 1949


At the Market Hall on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th January 1950 Neville Smith was again at the piano and the cast list included Donald Giannini, June Gander, Colin Gray, John Forbes, Anne Bird, Christine Morley, Vera Puddy, Rosemary Foreman, Anne Forbes, Dawn Burgess, Maureen Gray, Christine Theisen, Evelyn Howick, Maureen Shove, Maureen Furlong, Jane House, Marian Lucken, Maureen Collins, Susan Davies, Leslie Bashford, Judy Woolgar, Kathleen McKay, Josephine Futcher, Jean Quantrill, Joyce Hunt, Sylvia Gray, Diana Steer, Cynthia Buckmaster, Marian Flint,


Staged in April this year, as had been the very first production in 1948, there was a production at the Market Hall for which no information is available other than what can be read of this flyer.

There was a repeat performance as usual but at the Barn Theatre at Oxted. Whether or not there was one at the Merstham Village Hall is unknown. At Oxted Phyllis Stroud was at the piano with additional music by the Philstro Trio. Cast members included: - Jean Quantrill, Joyce Hunt, Judy Woolgar, Pamela Brown, Rosemary Foreman, Lesley Bashford, Anne Bird, Hilda Offen, Jane House, Maureen Collins, Marilyn Nairne, Joan Moss, Anne Forbes, Maureen Gray, Maureen Furlong, Josephine Futcher, Bethan Bashford, John Forbes, Lesley Bashford.


Back to January for this pantomime, as usual written by Ivy Burton and, as usual, told through dance. Incomplete information is available but major parts were as follows: - Anne Bird as Princess Linda; Rosemary Foreman as Prince Robin; Colin Gray as King Claud; John Forbes as Queen Agatha; Jean Quantrille as the Witch, and Josephine Futcher as Queen Crystal. Other parts were taken by Anne Bartlett, Barbara Brackpool, Maureen Collins, Anne Forbes, Maureen Furlong, Maureen Gray, Jennifer Grogan, Sylvia Herps, Christine Molton, Valerie Molton, Joan Moss, Marilyn Nairne, Hilda Offen, Gail Slatter, Judy Woolgar and Sandra Wright.

Mrs Phyllis Stroud was at the piano with additinal music from the Philstro Trio.


Produced at the Market Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday, 6th and 7th January 1953, The programme shown left was kindly lent by Mrs Jill Ellis as this was the only one missing from the original material. There were some newspaper cuttings for this show but there is a slight puzzle here as one refers to: 'The five successful and original productions performed over the past four years . . . . .'. There had certainly been five productions from 1948 - 1952 but that span is five years, not four.

Cast members were Gail Slatter, Rosemary Foreman, Anne Bird, Jean Quantrill, Judy Woolgar, John Forbes (aged 13, the only male member of the cast, and whose voice was in the process of breaking according to a press cutting of the production) Joan Moss, Maureen Gray, Ann Shoubridge, Ann Forbes, Jennifer Grogan, Rosemary Davey, Pamela Boxall, Sandra Wright, Valerie Molton, Chistine Molton, Bethan Bashford, Janet Reilly, Janet Garrett, Francis Mills, Shirley Bell, Joan Jeal, Marian Comber.

(See photos 33a and 119 for pictures)

Phllis Stroud was again at the piano supported by the Philstros.


January dates once more. Cast members were Jean Quantrill, Rosemary Foreman, Anne Bird, Joan Moss, Maureen Gray, Ann Shoubridge, Anne Forbes, Valerie Molton, Sandra Wright, Christine Molton, John Forbes, Brian Stubbs, Vera Puddy, Janet Shoubridge, Gina Tingley, Bethan Bashford, Janet Garrett, Janet Reilly, Annette Law, Marion Comber, Larraine Charman, Rosemary Lovejoy, John (Joan?) Jeal, Rosemary Davey, Gina Gates, Pat Earthy, Jill Dowle, Carol Davies,

It is noticable that Gail Slatter and Judy Woolgar, who are mentioned in previous show casts, were not featured.

Phyllis Stroud was again at the piano supported by the Philstros.

This is the first poster where 'present' is changed for 'presents'.


At the Market Hall on 4th and 5th January.

Cast members were John Forbes,Jean Quantrill, Janet Shoubridge, Jill Shoubridge, Ann Shoubridge, Larraine Charman, Brian Stubbs, Jennifer Mitchell, Margaret Thornton-Smith, Barbara Thornton-Smith, Gladys Humphrys, Janet Reilly, Molly Green, Dorothy Peters, Janet Botley, Anne Hills, Catherine Murray, Jante' Underwood, Janet Phillips, Linda White, Heather Cosham, Joy Sinclair, Dennis Barnard, Iris Mickleburg, Rosemary Lovejoy, Veronica Worssell, Bethan Bashford, Marion Comber, Jill Quinton, Frances Mills (Miles?), Pamela Cross, Phillipa Smith, Barbara Richards, Joan Moss, Maureen Gray, Georgina Gates, Mary Lewis,

Phyllis Stroud at the piano supported by the Philstros.

A newspaper cutting described the show. Ironically onits reverse were adverts for the Court School of Dancing at Reigate and the Nova School of Dancing at 111 Station Road, Redhill.


All the previouis presentations had run for two days only, this was the first at four days over
January 24th - 28th 1956.

Cast members were Wendy Nall, Margaret Taylorson, Joan Vigar, Joan Moss, Maureen Gray, Georgina Gates, Valerie Molton, Christine Molton, Bethan Bashford, Jill Quinton, Larraine Charman, Joy Sinclair, Dennis Barnard, Valerie Marvin, Jacqueline Akehurst, Doreen Partridge, Heather Cosham, Glenys Humphreys, Heather Nelson, Margaret Taylorson, Janet Reilly, Jill Dowell, Veronica Worssell, Daphne Jopling, Pamela Cross, Marion Comber, Jean Quantrill, Frances Miles (Mills?), Barbara Todd, Josephine White, Charlotte Painter,

Phyllis Stroud was once more at the piano supported by the Philstros.


Another four-day presentation. Cast members were Joan Moss, Maureen Gray, Valerie Molton, Christine Molton, Jill Quinton, Joy Sinclair, Dennis Barnard, Jacqueline Akehurst, Doreen Partridge, Glenys Humphreys, Janet Reilly, Jill Dowell, Veronica Worssell, Daphne Jopling, Pamela Cross, Marion Comber, Jean Quantrill, Josephine White, Margaret Grant, Prunella Barr, Miranda Patrick, Linda Shanks, Moira Thornton, Linda Minchen, Michele Lewis, Lesley Hartfield, Mandy Harvey, Mary Lewis, Susan Peters, Gillian King, Caroline Fitzmaurice, Dorothy Peters, Margaret Taylorson, Joan Moss, Maureen Gray, Anne Bird, John Forbes, Jacqueline Atfield, Catherine Murray, Jante' Underwood, Pauline Neve, Shirley Wisden, Doreen Partridge, Prunella Barr, Marion Grant, Elitta Webber,

Phyllis Stroud still at the piano supported by the Philstros.


There was no material relating to 1958 with the rest of the posters, flyers, cuttings etc. It is not known if there was a production this year


Appearing in the very last show were Maureen Gray, Jill Quinton, Prunella Barr, Janet Reilly, Jean Quantrill, Caroline Fitzmaurice, Maureen Potter, Karen Dingley, Pamela Robards, Heather Wilson, Susan Reilly, Leslie Hartfield, Joy Taylorson, Susan Maiklem, Penelope Hudson, Margaret Grant, Shirley Wisden, Maureen Gray, Stella Mayes, Irene Castle, Marian Comber, Jacqueline Atfield, Janet Harmes, Glenys Humphreys, Ann Driscoll, Wendy Akehurst, Jante' Underwood, Yvonne Charles, Susan Moody, Karen Clarke, Lesley Hartfield, Heather Wilson.

Phyllis Stroud at the piano for the final time, supported by the Philstros.

Of the more than two hundred photos amongst the Ivy Burton memorabilia only five had anything to identify the subjects written on the reverse, and then only very brief names of those ordering them. Many of the photos are of scenes from shows but there was no information to show which years most of the pictures come from although it was possible to add some information from studying the programmes and a few newspaper cuttings. It was clear that there might still be a number of people around who were pupils at the school so, as the item was a good history article it was featured on the 'Yesteryear' page of the April 2nd 2009 edition of the Surrey Mirror. It was seen by Mrs Jill Ellis who wrote in to say:
.........''What a flood of happy memories your article about Ivy Burton and the Redhill School of Dancing brought back to me. I attended the school for ballet lessons from the age of eight, in 1952, until the school closed. My name was then Jill Quinton and I took part in five of the 'shows'. These took place at the Market Hall, Redhill, with perhaps one performance at Merstham village hall.
.......... 'Miss Burton, as she was respectfully called, also took some pupils to perform at St Anne's old people's home. I remember a rather small stage at St Anne's. I also recollect
dancing in a rather large room at Dovers Home, Woodhatch. Some dances were also performed at a fete there in 1955, and at another fete in Priory Park the same year.
.......... 'Ivy's elderly father lived at Richmond House but possibly died while I was going there. I saw him ocassionally, possibly taking tea to Ivy and her pianist, Phyllis Stroud. There was also a large dog, an alsation probably. Ivy got to know the 'mums' quite well as they had to produce the costumes for the shows. I remember my mother going to a keep fit class which she ran for them.
........ 'The picture of Ivy in the paper shows her at the end of the very last performance of 'Fare Thee Well'. She is holding a clock, a gift from her pupils. She usually went on stage at the end of the last night.
....... 'Ivy and John then lived at Horley. When they left Redhill my mother and I kept in touch with them, mainly at Christmas. They camer to my wedding in 1964. The next lived near East Grinstead, and then Ivy went to Pevensey. She finally moved to Polegate in 1994. Ivy and John had no children but I think she mentioned a brother who pre-deceased her. I wrote more to Ivy when my mother could no longer do so. Ivy couldn't always write much herself as she had arthritis in her hands by then, and had operations. Eventually, at Christmas 2005 I asked for her 'phone number and this was given. This she sent and we talked in February 2006. I tried to find out her age but she wasn't telling. I do know that her birthday was April 6th. She told me that she still had all her photos, medals and other memorabelia. Could this be the box that Alan Moore was given?
....... 'The following Christmas the card amd letter I sent her were returned marked 'not at this address'. I didn't know if she had passed away or was in a home, unable to communicate. Now, thanks to your article. I know that she had died just five days after I spoke to her.
....... 'Your pictures show pupils who were at the school longer than I was. I hope some of them get in touch with you.'
Mrs Jill Ellis was formerly Jill Quinton. She is shown above in 2009 and also in 1959 in the show 'Fare Thee Well'. She is also in a number of photographs below. The 2009 photo was taken at a meeting with her when she supplied a great deal of information about people in the photos below. She also kindly supplied a programme for the 1953 show 'All That Glitters', for which there was no programme or poster amongst the original material from Ivy Burton.
The story was also seen by Jacqueline Wright, who as Jacqueline Atfield appeared in two shows and also appears in some of the photographs below. She wrote to the Surrey Mirror and her letter appeared on May 7th 2009 as follows: -

.......'Just as a follow-on to Jill Ellis's letter to you regarding Ivy Burton and the Redhill School of Dancing. I, too, attended the school but not for so long as Jill. My previous dance teacher had sadly died and my mother (who knew Ivy Burton) sent me to her school to continue. As I said, I was only there for about three or four years but was in the showw in 1957 (when I was a snowdrop) and in the final 'Fare Thee Well' show in 1959 where I danced as a sailor and as a rose and there are still parts of the dance rioutine that I can remember.
........'In the picture of Ivy recceiving her presentation in the recent Surrey Mirror (April 2nd 2009) I am fifth from the left-hand side (very serious looking.
........'As an addition, Jill Ellis' family were friends of my family and so contact was not really lost between us and also Jill's children and mine were in our church choir together. Obviously Jill and I are in touch through our church, but as she said, it would be great if more of Ivy Burton's pupils got in touch with you.

Jacqueline Atfield in the 1950s (see also photos 31 and 73 below)

Jacqueline Atfield, now Jacqueline Wright, pictured June 2009

This page was also seen by Pat Hodnett who, as Pat Fueggle, took part in 'Dance Your Blues Away' in 1948. It was the only show she was in as her parents moved to Canada that same year.
Pat writes,
'I attended Ivy Burton's Schoolof Dancing from around 1943 to 1948 when I left for Canada. I danced in four of the perfomances in 'Dance Your Blues Away' in 1948. One was where Anne Bird, Janet Lynch and I were in 'Say it with Dancing' where I was the principal boy. I can remember going home on the bus after the show with my make-up still on, not wanting to even take it off. I also performaed at a fete but unfortunately have no recollection of the location.
Miss Burton was a wonderful teacher and I was very sorry to have to leave at a time when I really appreciated how lucky I was to be a part of the great experience of dancing.'
Pat, here posibly in one of her roles in 'Dance your Blues Away',also appears ln photo 166 below.
Pat Fueggle. now Pat Hodnett, in 2009 .............................................................................................................................Pat in 1946
Below is Pat's copy of the programme for 'Dance Your Blues Away', with her appearances undelined
Pat also sent this list of times of lessons and fees charged
Many thanks to Pat Hodnett for the above documents
. . . . . . . . THE PHOTOGRAPHS
1 2 3
Brian Stubbs (left) and John Forbes in 'This and That', 1954 Same girl?
4a 4b
Joan Moss Joan Moss
Back Row - John Forbes and Brian Stubbs
Centre Row - Joan Moss, Maureen Gray, Jean Quantrill
Front Row - Unknown, Valerie Moulton, Unknown
6 7 8
Maureen Gray Dennis Barnard and Joy Sinclair (see also photos 70 and 71) Joan Moss in 1955 - see also photo 95
A scene from 'That and This', 1955
10 11 12
Georgina Gates? The show is That and This', 1955   Valerie and Christine Moulton in 'That and This', 1955
13a 13b 14
Same Man?
15 15b 15c
Josephine White in a scene from 'Just for you', 1957.   John Forbes
16 17
The background is a scenery backcloth. The stage is that of the old Market Hall. See also photos 33a, 33b. 33c, 119, 141, 143, 145,146 for the same backdrop.  
18 19
Anne Bird? Colin Gray as King Claud and {possibly) anne Bird as Princess Linda in 'The Magic Shoes', 1952
19b 19c 19d
As Picture 19 Joan Moss. She is 3rd from left in picture 141. See also photos 16, 33a, 33b. 33c, 119, 141, 143, 145,146 for the same backdrop. Margaret Grant
Josephine White centre stage? 'All That Glitters' 1953.
A scene from 'Fare Thee Well', 1959. Centre stage is Margaret Grant. Back left is Marian Comber. In front on Marian is Pauline Barr. Far back right is Shirley Wisden and in front of her is Janet Reilly.
25 26
Margaret Grant and Janet Reilly in 'Fare Thee Well', 1959 A scene from 'Just For You'.
27 28
Jill Quinton and Maureen Gray in 'Fare Thee Well', 1959. Maureen Gray (left) and Jean Quantrill. 'Fare Thee Well'?
29 30
Margaret Taylorson, Maureen Gray, Josephine Wite and Jean Quantrill. These four also appear on picture 63 Prunella Barr
From l-r: - Shirley Wisden, unknown, Jacqueline Atfield, unknown, Irene Castle, Stella Mayes (cousin of Jill Quinton), Wendy Akehurst, Glenys Humphries, unknown. These nine sailors also appear in photo 63. 'Fare Thee Well', 1959.
32 33a
From left to right are Margaret Grant, 14, Maureen Gray, 16, Marian Comber, 15,
Jill Quinton, 14, and Janet Reilly, 14, all of Redhill, rehearsing for 'Fare Thee Well'
in 1959.
From left to right are Judy Woolgar,14, Anne Bird, 15,
and Gail Slatter, 14, pictured in 1953. See also photos 16, 19c, 33b. 33c, 119, 141, 143, 145,146 for the same backdrop.
33b 33c
As 33a. See also photos 16, 19c, 119, 141, 143, 145,146 for the same backdrop.
34 35
Here the girl third from left is the extra one, otherwise the girls are in
the same order as in picture 32 above
From l-r: Margaret Taylorson, Maureen Gray, Josephine White in 'Fare Thee Well', 1959. Similar to photo 103
36 37
Jaqueline Wisdom, Susan Moody and Karen Clarke (but in which order is not known) From l-r: Margaret Taylorson, Maureen Gray, Josephine White and Jean Quantrill in 'Fare Thee Well', 1959.
38 39
Male dancer John Forbes? Josephine White in chair?  
Probably a scene (or the finale) from 'The Magic Shoes', 1952, in which Jean Quantrill played the witch.See also photo 137
41 42 43
  Maureen Gray in a dance called 'Maid of Orleans' from the 1957 show 'Just For You'. (see also photo 57) Jill Quinton as Nell Gwyn
44 45 46
Maureen Gray and Jean Quantrill Joan Moss. 'Just For You'?  
'Just For You'? see also photo 78
48 49
  Dennis Barnard and Joy Sinclair (see also photos 7, 70 and 71)
51 52
Jill Quinton in 'Fare The Well', 1959 Joan Moss in 'This and That', 1954
53 54
  Maureen Gray
55 55a
This and That', 1955. Anne Shoubridge 2nd left. Rosemary Foreman centre front? Prunella Barr in .Just For You' 1957
'That and This' finale, 1955
'Just For You' finale, 1957. Prunella Barr is centre (see also photos 21, 30, 55a) and Jill Quinton 2nd from the right in the back row. Maureen Gray is in her Maid of Orleans costume 4th from right back row (see photo 42)
Ivy on stage at the end of the final performance of 'Fare Thee Well' in 1959.
Ivy Burton on stage in the production 'Fare The Well' in 1959.
Ivy Burton on stage in the production 'Fare The Well' in 1959. The person handing up the flowers is Phyllis Stroud.
The opening number of ,Just For You', 1957. From l-r the back four are Valerie Molton, Maureen Gray, Joan Moss and Marion Comber. The front four are Margaret Grant, Janet Reilly, Prunella Barr and Christine Molton.
A pre-production photo of a scene called Down South from 'Just For You' in 1957. In the actual performance the girls were blacked up to to appear as coloured people. From l-r standing are Valerie Molton, Veronica Worssell, Marion Comber and Jill Quinton. Kneeling are Christine Molton, Janet Reilly, Margaret Grant and Prunella Barr.
Acene from Just For You, 1957. From l-r aer Jill Quinton, Veronica Worssell, Margaret Grant, Prunella Barr, Janet Reilly and Marion Comber.
Another scene from 'Just For You', 1957. Jill Quinton left, Joan Mosss centre and Marion Gray.
Ensemble from 'Fare Thee Well', 1959. The four central characters also appear on picture 29. The nine sailors on the left appear in photo 31. The five back right appear in photo 148..
64 65
John Forbes Margaret Grant (left) and Jill Reilly.
66a 66b
John Forbes
66c 67
John Forbes  
68 69
Maureen Gray in That and This', 1955  
70 71
Dennis Barnard and Joy Sinclair. See also photo 7
L-r: Maureen Gray, Joan Mos, unknown, unknown, Veronica Worssell and Janet Reilly
Jacqueline Atfield (right). Others unknown.
All the children in 'A Gardener's Dream' from the 1957 production Just For You'. Joan Moss (centre) played the gardener. Jill Quinton is centre back.
l-r - Maureen Gray, Josephine White, Jill Quinton and Joan Moss.
Finale of 'Fare Thee Well', 1959
see also photo 47
From l-r the first three performers are Jean Quantrill, Marion Gray and Joan Moss. On the reverse of this photo is written that 3 copies to be made for Mrs Moss, 1 for Mrs Gray and 1 for Enid Christmas. This probably identifies the performer far right as Enid Christmas. The show is 'That and This', 1955
Brian Stubbs, John Forbes and Jean Qauntrill John Forbes in a scene called 'In Triplicate' from the show 'That and This', 1955
81 82 83
'This and That', 1954 John Forbes with unknown partner in 'This and That', 1954 Valerie and Christine Molton.
84 85 86
87 88 89
Judy Woolgar right?    
90 91
Centre is Joan Moss with Margaret Grant on the right Margaret Grant again on the right
92 93
Ann Shoubridge (left), Maureen Gray and Joan Moss. See also photos 94 and 117
94 95
Anne Shoubridge (left), Maureen Gray and Joan Moss. See also photos 93 and 117 Joan Moss in 1955 - see also photo 8
96 97
'This and That', 1954 These three are on the right of picture 106
98 99
100 102
All That Glitters' 1953? 'This and That' 1954. Jean Quantrill and Rosemary Foreman (right)
Brian Stubbs, Jean Quantrill and John Forbes is a sketch called 'Men About Town' from 'This and That', 1954.
103 104
From l-r: Margaret Taylorson, Maureen Gray, Josephine White in 'Fare Thee Well', 1959. Similar to photo 36  
'This and That' opening sequence 1954 Ann Shoubridge 6th left?'
'This and That' 1954 finale. Rosemary Foreman at back next to John Forbes in top hat? Jill Quinton 6th from left. Brian Stubbs centre back.
Anne Bird is the ballerina. Jean Qauntrill is right of the centre couple.
109 110
108,109,110 same four girls
All That Glitters' 1953?
Girl in black is Judy Woolgar. All That Glitters' 1953? Girl on left is Anne Bird.
John Forbes centre
That and This', 1955. Janet Reilly centre as Pan
116b and c - enlargements from 116 left
Probably Rosemary Foreman as the photographer and Anne Bird as the ballerina in 'In Different Mood', an act from the 1954 production 'This and That' 1954
A scene entitled 'Those were the days' from the 'This and That' 1954. The 'gentlemen' at the back were played (from l-r) by Joan Moss, Ann Shoubridge (2nd from left), Jill Quinton (3rd from left) and Maureen Gray. The ladies at the front were played by Sandra Wright, Larraine Charman, Christine Charman and Valerie Charman.
Opening number of 'This and That', 1954. Brian Stubbs and John Forbes are the male leads. Looks like Ann Shoubridge 3rd from right and Maureen Gray 4th from right.
As the background is the same as in photos 16, 19c, 33a, 33b. 33c, 141, 143, 145,146 for the same backdrop. this probably dates this photo to 1953 and the show 'All that Glitters'. John Forbes (centre) was the only male in that show and was aged 13.
120   122
    Maureen Gray
123 124
Christine Charman (left) Joan Moss
125 126
Brian Stubbs and (possibly John Forbes in (possibly) the sketch 'If I were a bell' from This and That', 1954  
127 128
Joan Moss and Maureen Gray in a sketch called 'Knowing the ropes' in 'Just For You', 1957 All That Glitters' 1953?
  For information see photos 172 and 173
131 132
  Jill Quinton and Jean Quantrill
133 134
From l-r Prunella Barr, Marian Comberand Janet Reilly in 'Fare Thee Well', 1959 Valerie and Christine Molton in That and This', 1955
135 136
A scene 'Picnic on the beach' from 'Fare Thee Well', 1959  
137 138
'The Magic Shoes', 1952, in which Jean Quantrill played the witch. See also photo 40 'Just For You', 1952. The sketch and song was 'The waiter, the porter and the upstairs maid'. Maureen Gray (left) was the porter, Jill Quinton (centre) was the upstairs maid, and Joan Moss was the waiter.
139 139b
Anne Bird with four unknown children..
140 140b
Joan Moss, 3rd from left, also appears in picture 19c. John Forbes is 5th from left at back. Jean Quantrill is centre back and was dressed thus in 'This and That', 1954 (see photos 101, 102.103 and 132) . See also photos 16, 19c, 33a, 33b. 33c, 119, 143, 145,146 for the same backdrop.
A scene from 'Fare Thee Well', 1959. The front three from l-r are Stella Mayes, Shirley Wisden and Irene Castle.
143 144
See also photos 16, 19c, 33a, 33b. 33c, 119, 141, 145,146 for the same backdrop. A young John Forbes
145 146
See also photos 16, 19c, 33a, 33b. 33c, 119, 141, 143, for the same backdrop.
l-r Marion Comber, Maureen Gray, Janet Reilly, Prunella Barr, Irene Castle, Margaret Grant, Shirley Wisden and Jill Quinton in 'Fare Thee Well'. 1959.
Wrens in 'Fare Thee Well', 1959. l-r Janet Reilly, Muareen Gray, Prunella Barr, Marrian Comber and Jill Quinton. See also photo 63.
All That Glitters' 1953? Jean Quantrill is centre.
All That Glitters' 1953?
The last dance, 'Autumn Concerto', from 'Fare thee Well', 1959. Frpm l-r are Janet Reilly, Marian Comber, Jill Quinton, Irene Castle, Prunells Barr, Stella Mayes, Maureen Gray (obscured), Shirley Wisden and Maureen Grant.
1st two l-r are Janet Reilly and Margaret Grant. The other three are Susan Moody, Jaqueline Wisdom and Karen Clarke, but the order is not known. The show is 'Fare Thee Well', 1959.
154 155
Joan Moss Phyllis Stroud at the piano. The violinist is unidentified.
156 157
Jean Quantrill 'All That Glitters'?
158 159
Christine Molton 'All That Glitters'?
160 161
Margaret Grant Pat Fueggle (centre) with Anne Bird (right) and Janet Lynch in 1948's 'Dance Your Blues Away'
162 163
  Valerie and Christine Molton
164 165
  The location is identified by David Burton as the back garden of Richmond House in London Road. He thinks that the boy seated on the right of the picture may well be himself.
166 167
Pat Fueggle in 'Dance Your Blues Away' 1948 A scene from 'Dance Your Blues Away' with Pat Fueggle 4th from left
168 169
Anne Bird.  
170 171
172 173
This is a scene called 'Masterpiece' from the very first show in 1948 'Dance Your Blues Away' in which an artist realises his dream of the ballerina he paints coming to life. The parts were played by Colin Gray and Rita Beeton. (see also photo 130)
174 175
'All That Glitters'?  
176 177
Scenes from 'Goldilocks and the three bears' from the 1948 production 'Dance Your Blues Away'. Anne Bird as Goldilocks is with June Gander as Daddy Bear, Joyce Hunt as Mummy Bear and Anne Jenkins as Baby Bear.
178 179 180
Same garden as 198? The location is identified by David Burton as the back garden of Richmond House in London Road. This one has 'Mrs Forbes' written on the back. The location is identified by David Burton as the back garden of Richmond House in London Road.  
181 182 183
  A photo of Jill Quinton in the garden of 9 Earlswood Road. It was a photo she sent to Ivy Burton in July 1959..  
184 185 186
187 188
189 190
191 192
Possibly a scene from 'Happy New Year' 1950. If correct Jean Quantrill is 3rd from left and the others are Josephine Futcher, Joyce Hunt and Sylvia Gray, although in which order is not known.  
193 194
Jean Quantrill on left  
197 See also photo 4
Same garden as 178? The location is identified by David Burton as the back garden of Richmond House in London Road.
l-r John Forbes, unknown, Anne Bird, unknown, Jean Quantrill, unknown, unknown.
That and This', 1955
'That and This' finale, 1955. Ivy Burton on stage with the cast.
Are you in any of the above photographs? Does your name appear in the lists against the shows? Do you know someone who was involved in them or who was a pupil at the Redhill School of Dancing? It would be wonderful to be able to provide more information against the pictures featured. Please contact author if you can verify or correct any of the given information, provide additional information or contribute reminiscences, pictures etc..


Great help has been given by Ivy Burton's nephews, Peter Burton (pictured left) who supplied the documents and photographs above, and David Burton (pictured right) who with Peter, provided invaluable information about their aunt's family and about Richmond House from where the dancing school was run. David's father, Ralph Burton, was the stage director for the Redhill School of Dancing's very first production in 1948, 'Dance Your Blues Away'.
Many very grateful thanks to Peter and David.
More about the Burton family appears below

Thanks are also due to Mark Davidson, Community News editor of the Surrey Mirror, for featuring the Redhill School of Dancing in the Yesteryear pages of that newspaper.

Grateful thanks, too, go to Mrs Jill Rllis for information and material supplied.

The Three Brothers of Ivy Burton

This picture features the 'Harmonics Dance Orchestra' which was founded by Mr Leslie Roberts who is standing back right with a baton in his hand. The Roberts family used to run a music shop and piano tuning service in Brighton Road, Redhill opposite the entry into Brook Road. They also had a shop in Station Road, Redhill. The Orchestra played locally from about 1920 to the mid-1930s. The picture shows Ivy Burton's brother Stan seated centre back behind his drum kit. Seated at the front 4th from left holding a banjo is another brother Cecil.
(Picture courtesy David Burton)



This picture shows Stan Burton, here at the back with his drums, when playing with 'Alan Miller's Collegians'
(Photo courtesy David Burton)



The third brother, Horace William Burton (known as Ralph) was the actor father of David Burton seen in photo 204 above. Here Ralph Burton is on the right in a scene from Brighton Rock with a young Richard Attenborough on the left. The photo was taken at Shepperton Studios in 1946 or 1947. Like his father, David Burton is also an actor.(Photo courtesy David Burton)


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