Help Urgently Needed!

The Society is in desperate need of new volunteers! Out of a membership of approximately 650 we have a working team of only about 35. A number of these are feeling it is time to take a rest - they have been very active for many years! Several of the committee chairmen are about to or have already retired. Other committee members are carrying the extra work and it is not fair on them. We need help now.

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We know that many of you have been members for a long time and feel that any such activity would be too much, but that still leaves a significant number of members who could help. In particular, do you have a professional expertise that is relevant? You all know the activities of the Society, so any technical help that you can give would be much appreciated.

But if you don't have any particular expertise - we still need you! We need a balance on the committees of professionals and non-professionals. There are lots of other jobs - large and small - which need doing and where you can make a contribution. These include helping with our open meetings or contacting possible corporate members. So whatever your experience you can contribute. You joined the Society because you agreed with our objectives and our efforts to maintain and improve the character of our area. So come now and help us more actively.

Let's be absolutely clear. There are going to be more challenges ahead, but, if we do not get any more help, the numbers of the present team will get less and we are going to reach the stage where the Society will not have enough active people to keep going! After more than 60 years of campaigning for our neighbourhood it would be a disaster for the Society to just fade away!


Please contact us by email.


Even if you can't help - do you know someone who could? - please give us a name!

Situations Currently Vacant

The Reigate and Redhill Society is entirely run by volunteers and these positions are all unpiad. Training can be provided and coordination with previous incumbents will be available.

Publicity Officer

To publicise the ongoing, and planned activities of the Society, through all forms of media.

Programme Organiser

To organise the programme of 7 speakers for the Society's year October - July.

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