Transport Committee

  • Lobbies for better local transport services, improved road layouts, better parking facilities, etc.


  • To prevent further loss of historic railway buildings such as the Locoshed on the former Hockley Business Park site. This was the oldest railway buildin in Redhill.
  • To improve traffic flow over Reigate level crossing by both reducing the time the gates are down and by improving the zebra crossing to be traffic light controlled.
  • To seek a long term solution for Reigate level crossing.
  • To prevent demolition of Reigate signalbox when the function is transferred to the Control Centre at Three Bridges.
  • To have the former Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Iron Railway cutting in Merstham restored before it is reclaimed by nature.
Redhill Bus Station

In Detail


  • Monitors rail and bus services, traffic flows and road congestion, proposed plans for new and existing roads and for traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. In addition the committee looks into car-parking matters and traffic-calming measures. As and when necessary it lobbies the appropriate authorities on improvements it believes are in the interests of the community.
  • Seeks improvements to local rail services in conjunction with the local Rail Users Association, eg achieved improved evening connections from Redhill to Reigate.
  • Opposed and continues to oppose expansion of Redhill Aerodrome.
  • Opposes the plans for a second runway Gatwick Airport on the grounds of noise, impact on local transport, housing and the local environment.
  • Takes keen interest in important local projects needed or planned such as the Reigate Relief Road and the completion of National Cycle Routes.
  • Takes note of and, where necessary, lobbies on all local matters pertaining to the M25.
  • In conjunction with the Reigate to Tonbridge Community Rail Partnership have produced a number of railway history posters for Redhill and Reigate Stations.

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